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American sports pictorial " swimsuit special issue " land China formally

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Sina sports dispatch on March 2, the swimsuit special issue with the largest force on the world -- American sports pictorial " swimsuit special issue " land China formally. The special issue that this introduces by original of Chinese sports pictorial originally, lifting publication miracle of spring.

This year " swimsuit special issue " the theme is music. Cover character is at present the green jade in American at the summit of one's power is held high this. This before " true life day female " of combination advocate sing, 9 Gelaimei are big award gainer, be in " swimsuit special issue " in, present the dreamy goddess figure that the place before giving a kind did not see for Chinese reader. In the meantime, will numerous beautiful colourful model and top class music person put sports pictorial together, make an all sorts of beauty admire the figure that fly upwards.

The graph is Sha of model Ma luck - Miller.

Graph article - the enchanting with stark-naked show of belle of special issue of swimsuit of 2007 sports pictorial