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"Swim " show profusion

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Compare with halcyon and cool and refreshing seawater photograph, the swimsuit young woman that the figure causes fire is a indispensable scenery on summertime beach.
Swimsuit and underwear are the commodity that fabrics and price become inverse ratio, the curve that because be in finite fabrics,should show feminine graceful centrally needs more wisdom really. The swimsuit personality of this season is distinct, fission swimsuit sings leading role, ethical wind is popular. Model adopts below show look together.

Model data: Zhou Wenyun 21 year old, the person is averaged south, student of major of business affairs of international of institute of an ancient name for China, contest of model of Ceng Huodong square international is outstanding award.

Fission swimsuit sings leading role
The swimsuit this year does not have the world that became fission swimsuit exceptionally, although each brand also rolled out the design of the swimsuit that join system, but be displayed from shop and sell outstanding achievement to look, swimsuit of 3 type fission grabbed limelight. Besides the swimsuit of 3 type fission that wraps gauze, each brand was rolled out this year swim pants is added swim the remove theatrical makeup and costume of skirt, a swimsuit wears a law two kinds, will look from clad cost very be to one's profit.
Grand is sanded 420 yuan

Printing is plain coloured each are gotten coquettish
Though swimsuit and printing written guarantee already,leave the reason that indissoluble, but plain coloured this year the swimsuit is unwilling also give the impression of weakness. The eyeball that holds a woman with design is plain coloured the dominant position with the largest swimsuit. For example swimsuit of this vest type, bosom is traditional swimsuit, the waist is hazy gauze, have the effect of the swimsuit that join system, more the sex appeal that if concealed is like,shows a few minutes. The schoolgirl with oneself not self-confident condition feels this swimsuit is very close certainly. And the impulse that the swimsuit circling neck that gets inspiration from late banquet formal attire also has itch to try letting a person.
Fragrance happy 388 yuan
Ethical wind is popular
The swimsuit that fashionable dress changes is in this year more sent out its great charm. Last year, the swimsuit rolled out the skirt of tall waist line, falbala to install a design mostly, those who go is refined Han outfit course; This year, what the swimsuit goes is the course of ethical wind. There is Tibet to act the role of olfactory ear pendant very much before the bosom, type of bag of abdomen of peachblossom herd red makes up... sale young lady of An Lifang says, the swimsuit of these ethical wind is very good sell, some arrives by scare buying one sky. The picture that woman customer sees the United States is beautiful book enchanted also unceasingly, 1000 bite goods of 10 thousand enjoin arrived to want to inform them immediately.
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