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The 5 styles swimsuit with the most popular this year summer

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Arrive again summer! The swimsuit serves as changeless popular vane, come on stage once more. Release according to the news briefing of Chinese swimsuit 05/S that just rings down the curtain, this year swimsuit popularity trend basically has 5 big themes:

  One, nifty · is enchanting

Bosom smokes plait adornment, of falbala apply, bowknot adornment, detail is designed more dot eyeball. Oriental verve is highlighted, abdomen wraps up type to fasten neck jacket, ethical amorous feelings is grumous.

The beach installs series to give moving romantic feelings in the ooze in time extraordinary splendour, the modelling of elegant, charming and gentle is revealing unique different region flavor. Pure and fresh Mediterranean sunshine is tonal, sha Bai, dark pink, Dan La, weak ash, sweet aureate, khaki... as if place oneself makes a person confuse drunk mediterranean. More picture

  2, curvilinear · collides

Concise curve is broken up, produced a range of intense campaign feeling; Fluent line, stagger color piece, contain the cant that sprint feels, built dye-in-the-wood change the mood of feeling. Aglet shows charm slightly in back across, athletic style and perceptual scene are accrete.
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  3, sexy · is mad wild

The two covers cup of bikini can move, reflected human nature adequately to change; The chalaza of lumbar side, bowknot decorates contemporary feeling dye-in-the-wood. The tie-in abigail gender that transcends miniskirt and bikini appears more relaxed with sex appeal.

Fabrics of doodle restoring ancient ways more show enthusiasm, punch a hole on cover cup, wear a strap, the heat that collocation has ferrule to buckle belt is hot swim pants, complete the flavour of a pair of hot young woman.

   4, costly · is nostalgic

Only color is black, or design of printing of the ornament on fabrics of pink, shamrock or English, number, concise colour collocation makes a person impressive.

The flowers of region of different of big in full bloom of abstract deal in generalities, color harmony, lively.

   5, amorous feelings · is natural

The swimsuit this year is mixed brightly more subdued color, pleasant feeling highlights girl feelings; Yellow of honey peach color, pink, coral, orange, lemon lets a person feel the mood is rising. Dan La of naval blue, watercolour, sky-blue the fundamental key of colour of blue foil deep-sea that waits for all sorts of lightness.
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