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Prevent natant leg cramp opportunely

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Window of Tianjin of people net · on April 7 report: Should increase the quantity of heat inside body above all, the cold water when swimming in order to suit is exciting. Can eat some of meat kind, egg, protein, still answer to eat some of sweet food appropriately. It is the complement that increases sodium, calcic, phosphor next. These a few kinds of elements are stimulant to increasing nerve, sarcous have very main effect. Summer perspires much, jerky person still should notice compensatory weak brine and vitamin B1. In the meantime, natant time shoulds not be too long, should not be when exhaustion or hunger swim.

Warming-up should sufficient:

Use cold water shower bath first or flap with cold water the body reachs limb, jerky to easy happening place can undertake proper massage. If can hold to cold water bath at ordinary times, get used to ability with respect to what can raise the body to be stimulated to cold water, leg cramp happens when avoiding effectively to swim thereby.

Produce cramp not confused:

Swim when producing crus cramp, want to keep composed, water of choke of terrified and flurried meeting, make jerky aggravate. Suck greatly first at a heat, gangmaster submerge, make back float sails upstream face, two tactics captures tiptoe, exert oneself to do sth. to oneself direction is pulled, at the same time double leg exerts oneself to do sth. pull out. If be no good, can relapse a few times, muscle is met slowly flabby and restorable. After toing disembark wipe the body in time, notice heat preservation, aching to still becoming aware place can do proper massage, those who make is farther alleviate.