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The run that iron makes dish, of running water " arms " - - 4 kinds of index tha

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Sell as model enterprise or a sale enterprise, the management that sells a team is successful, the success that deciding an enterprise almost. All outstanding achievement of the enterprise need a salesperson to come true, what the salesperson finishs is last col that the enterprise serves oneself value of product translate into, without this col, everything what early days place makes good for nothing. At the same time sale team is assault the business in forefront is military, the member that sell is our industry military. Since be the army of the enterprise, the arms of the enterprise, he has legionary character as much: The run that iron makes dish, the arms of running water. Also because such, sale team had following features:

1, height is young change;

2, high fluidity;

3, high pressure;

4, height is quantified;

5, high passion and vigor;

Basis above 5 features, we can issue 4 index to coach sale team manages by so as to.

New power rate

Our army should recruit a batch of recruit every year to enter force, bring vitality for army. Same, an enterprise also needs to recruit a batch of newlywed person every year. New personality can bring vitality for us, bring different thinking, the arrival of new personality can irritate our old team member as much. 10 thousand divisions have Shenzhen club of a new power, go every year the undergraduate that each colleges recruit a batch of new finish school enters a business, each sections that fill reachs an industry, fluid of infuse new blood, increase sectional vigor while training qualified personnel, lay in a talent, not only the requirement that satisfied a branch, also accord with the need that manpower resource builds at the same time. Can infer, an army that does not have any new personality also is an inanimate army certainly, won't have energy more.

Should that recruit how old rate after all is talent suitable? How and come? The author thinks affirmation is not to the more the better. Besides the new momentum that gains need of sale post place newly, our old group also should make sure the newlywed person that has 10%~20% is joined. Such scale also can satisfy an enterprise to wash out mechanism and talent education mechanism. Since be new personality, we never have harden oneself of a bit society to be in a hand, a lot of undergraduates that graduate every year for instance suit us very much. They do not have work experience, apply for a job very hard, and our just needs such. Education comes out the talent, the person with ability that only oneself develop can be my place to use more.

Position changes promotion is led

Although sale job is a job that has challenge sex very much, but also be a trival basic level job at the same time. Hold a post on a post too long also can feel irritated, the hope goes contacting the field with new new perhaps position. Corresponding, if employee sees the space that after be less than his, promotes for a long time, the larger stage that cannot see the enterprise is offerred for the salesperson, they can abandon. The promotion of position of the staff in selling a team perhaps changes is a very pretty good drive to employee. One is in A area outstanding achievement flatly the member that sell, can make success one time to other area probably; Specialty is done not have on channel management, there is original place on sales promotion management probably. Be in proper when, to the proper member that sell the our OK and clever means that uses the job to change excites his passion, produce his specialty. And there must be a salesperson to get promotion in team of a sale, if do not have promotion, so all member that sell can feel without the hope, even if only one gets promotion, everybody also can find a hope. Promotion also has the method of very changeful photograph, enjoy acceptor acceptor to provide primary treatment for instance but responsible still sale represents the job; Become responsible prefectural class market is responsible class market to wait. Fluctuant promotion rate maintains employee to compare ideal in 10%~12% . Among them fluctuant rate occupies 6%~8% , and promotion rate occupies 4%~6% . Reasonable employee changes promotion rate can excite all passion that sells a team very well.
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