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Not be my teaching you are bad - - of the selling manager additional kind of pri

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In the sale in this industry, a little important principle not consist in book and groom in, but circulate widely in the industry however. How to become the selling manager with an outstanding outstanding achievement, be book merely go up or has the teacher told those your conventions? And, are those conventions useful really? I want to be shared with you, be a few additional kind principle, the thing that writes on the book still perhaps does not have bit of help these to you.

   The first principle of the selling manager is: Must pick pair of companies

Everybody knows the advantage of a school one's previous experience, but very few however somebody knows, it is more important that renown company one's previous experience compares a school one's previous experience actually. Turn over the personal details of successful selling manager, almost the working experience that their everybody has crackajack company. What can prominent business give you after all? The first it is self-confident, what prominent company picks is the most remarkable person with ability certainly, what can enter such enterprise to had proved you is outstanding. Self-confidence is not inherent completely, also be to lean each will accumulate such thing the day after tomorrow rise. Ma is so doughty that Ma have the color with proud dot even, also be to mix they are so-called " the interview with fast consumable the strictest domain " concern, be in one round annulus eliminate a competitor -- final even be face-to-face after falling into disuse, proud the feeling with pride arises spontaneously.

Be in prominent business only, you just learn best show quickly, the most successful sale skill. Be in only Coke Cola, it is vivid that what you just comprehend can deeply change display; Be in only Bao Jie, what you just comprehend can deeply is close logistic thought; Be in only Oulaiya, what you just comprehend can deeply is real ground runs a brand. And similar effort, same time, you just changed your language to be used to in health master, change Chinese channel cry " access " , change market plan make energy of life (look forward to) change.

Prominent business does not see so that can offer top salary, but, this paragraph of experience will affect you to come deep, will change your thinking pattern, the professional way that gives you makes deep brand.

   The 2nd principle of the selling manager is: Must follow pair of boss

And choosing is a truth to the company, following pair of boss also is very important. Good boss, can give you to coach and be encouraged of a lot of in company interior not only, also can let you as the preferment of your boss gain more preferment opportunities. Yan Aijie finds new job in those days man wine, a lot of those who follow the past also is he is in in those days the old ministry of Ma north. Now, he is " liquor terminal the first person " , his very much old ministry also gained more opportunities accordingly, the salary that director of a lot of district takes tastes an industry in fast consumption had been astronomical.
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