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A collection of selected specimens of affirmatory ad saying

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Successful advertisement is affirmatory, not only can attract a lot of customers, and can arouse desire to buy to look, urge consumptive action.

Bodisi of advertisement Great Master says: "Use humour ably, did not sell the thing that give. " humour graces for advertisement, make acceptance alone attractive. Be like:
Our fishing rod watched even the fish to like. (fishing gear advertisement)

It can stick chummage everything, besides a broken heart. (adhesive advertisement)

Be cared, sufferring a person to dote on is a meddlesome thing after all, such acceptance makes a person happy undoubtedly, make you are joined insensibly among them. Be like:
You already sufferred the worry of enough storm, get on for Hawaiian come, here sunshine is bright. (travel company ad)

Ask driver attention, benchengyi does not have a doctor, 2 without the hospital, 3 without medicines and chemical reagents. (traffic advertisement)

Stand on the position that understands the other side, allude the place with favorable the other side, this is very judicious practice. Be like:
The speed of the plane, the price of the lorry (airline ad)

More convenient than cash (traveller's check advertisement)

The characteristic to oneself or advantage " focusing " , the hyperbole that adopts a language tries " enlarge " , point to centralized acceptance, can the impression of aggrandizement public. Be like:
Even if you are 1000 times more attenuant, it still is having sterling grandma sweet. (condensed milk advertisement)

Our new product attracts the opposite sex extremely easily, because this follows teaching material of bottle of defend oneself giving free. (perfume advertisement)

Have a kind of commitment, meaning show in what pass abundant actual strength or depend on taller famous degree, enhance affirmatory reliability. Be like:
We are had build all architectural all material. (building materials advertisement)

If who can discover,run quickly card car is forced suddenly to anchor, our company wish to dedicate 10 thousand dollars. (car advertisement)

Finally, the author mentions bit of advice: Break one's promise at " sacred " the big fear that is advertisement acceptance!