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Brand of Chinese network label protects program

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" brand of Chinese network label protects program "

----Sale of terminal of product of domain name of Chinese of agent of new network channel is how-to

The market prospect of Chinese domain name--------(channel understands)

We are beardless to the importance of the domain name wordy, it is representing an enterprise to be in the commercial figure of network space, it is the label that the enterprise undertakes propagandist reaching sales compaign through Internet, at the same time the domain name begins market promotion and electronic business affairs to have main effect to the enterprise, it is enterprise or product for " network brand " or " electronic brand " , even its praise for network times " round-the-world brand " , what a good domain name can increase an enterprise to go up in Internet greatly is famous degree.

Well-known, the birth of English domain name had had history of 14 years, its are born the ground is in the United States that belongs to English phylum, the arisen short nevertheless 7/8 that is in our country as a result of Internet year time, so at present till the resource of domain name of high grade English that can use is already basic and dried up, this caused our country enterprise to be in more use Chinese Phonetic Alphabet (go all out completely, abbreviate) ; Word of English of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet; Domain name of word of English of 2 level of domestic, 3 class ( wait for a domain name to regard its as the enterprise label in Internet and entrance.

Our country is a developing country, english popularity rate returns opposite on the low side, because Chinese is our mother tongue, self-evident have make Chinese kind the label is having advantaged regnant advantage on Chinese market. And of Chinese domain name roll out, not only course of study of the state-owend enterprise in was being solved is done not have on Internet as special as oneself the difficult problem of the label such as the network that match, product; It is the reason such as the diversification as a result of Chinese character combination and terrain feature more, make the opportunity that domain name resource is in Chinese to having rife to be able to offer an alternative at present, and as system of Chinese domain name ceaseless and perfect, will more and more enterprises, individual uses the Chinese domain name that having grumous China distinguishing feature with conduct propaganda, to Chinese Internet character this will be a very broad market.

Chinese region famous product tastes itself value--------(terminal understands)

Chinese domain name is ICANN to netizen of much language country use domain name is mixed popularize Internet application and be installed and one of main component in the system of new domain name of research and development, the compatriots that the occurrence of Chinese domain name makes had from this oneself can be built on Internet the foundation of system of complete brand label.
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