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" how does demand survey drive big client to sell "

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Demand survey is a sale medium important one annulus, outstanding sale delegate is more often use in the sale of big client. But regretful is, speak of demand survey, the salesperson can think of a lot of book to go up or groom the uses mining customer demand query skill that stresses in course, be like: Enclosed query, open mode query, SPIN query is waited a moment. Say for go, think demand survey is the problem of skill level only. So, fact after all how?

Case 1
Ministry of some famous resource of autocycle company labor power grooms director Mr L is phoned groom company, the requirement grooms the company carries supply and marketing to make work so that kind of course menu chooses to groom course, see the customer comes actively, groom the salesperson of the company is a surprise first, next ground of too impatient to wait gives L the gentleman fax of curricular detailed list, some sent E, MAIL, it is beyond curricular detailed list, some sale delegates had not forgotten Jiashangyi some company brief introduction, groom the proof data such as brand of actual strength of brief introduction of division persons qualified to teach, company, after the shopper read these materials, the sale used a few skill on behalf of what do not have one exception almost: The product presents skill, clinch a deal skill is waited a moment, the result is not had however result and eventually. After the sale of Dan Mou company receives a telephone call on behalf of Mr A, preliminary judgement gives this is a big client, the likelihood has groom for a long time cooperation is possible, not was eager to such doing consequently, say to Mr L however: "We special understanding you groom conceivably curricular detailed list, nevertheless, according to our experience, before the requirement that did not understand you, we fear the material that sends you can waste your time, on the other hand, curricular detailed list can not let you know the value of curricular itself, otherwise I send to you first " sale grooms demand questionnaire " , I give after you had been filled, I ask our senior teacher to make a communication with you, how to do certainly again next? " hear sale delegate to say so, mr L feels accident quite, but feeling to be like so is reasonable, agreed very quickly so. Mr A receives Mr L very quickly to be sent " sale grooms demand questionnaire " . Next, groom the teacher basis of the company " sale demand questionnaire " offerred information undertook initial requirement is analysed, proposal Mr L should do telephone interview with their manpower resource director, mr L agrees again, after telephone interview ends, groom the company made a return to Mr L with the form of written fax, speak of existing information be opposite form higher level " sale grooms proposal book " insufficient still, put forward to undertake further face-to-face the plan of the interview and request, this face-to-face object of the sale department manager of interview demand the other side, market department manager, recieve training is represented (branch manager) etc attend. Finish this second face-to-face after the interview, groom the company referred " sale grooms proposal book " to Mr L. Later, signed cooperative agreement very quickly.
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