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How to write good company sale to engineer a book

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One, the format of sale plan book Complete relatively the tectonic cent of sale plan book is 3 much: It is the market situation analysis of the product, 2 it is look of 內 of concoctive book text. 3 it is the effect is forecasted namely the feasibility of plan and operation sex. (one) market situation analysis The size that should know whole market scope and enemy my parallel case, market situation analysis must include following 13 content: (1) whole product is in the dimensions of current market. (2) the trade off study of the sale of competitive brand and sale. (3) competitive brand market has the trade off study of rate. (4) the market target analysis of structure of the age of consumer group, sexual distinction, profession, record of formal schooling, income, family. (5) the trade off study of defect of actor of product of each competition brand. (6) area of market of each competition brand and the trade off study that the product locates. (7) fare of ad of each competition brand and the trade off study that advertisement behaves. (8) the trade off study of activity of sales promotion of each competition brand. (9) the trade off study of activity of public relations of each competition brand. (10) the trade off study that competitive brand orders value strategy. (11) the trade off study of competitive brand sale channel. (12) the company produces tasted financial profit and loss to analyse in recent years. (13) the actor bad contrast between the actor bad of company product and competitive brand is analysed. (2) concoctive book text Average sale engineers book text to be formed by 7 big, explain simply to the point now. (1) the policy machinator of company product throw on the market is before protocol plan proposal, must run guiding principle and strategy with what the top leader layer of the company did not come with respect to the company, do thorough and meticulous communication, in order to determine the main policy policy of the company. Both sides wants the detail below delibrate; 1, firm target market and product fixed position. 2, sale target is to enlarge the market to have rate or pursuit profit. 3, make value policy. 4, affirmatory sale means. 5, ad performance and ad budget. 6, the key of sales promotion activity and principle. 7, the key of public relations activity and principle. (2) the product sale target of the enterprise is alleged sell an end, during it is certain that all sorts of products that point to a company namely are in inside (it is a year normally) the business goal that must achieve. Sale target quantifies have following advantage: To examine whole sale engineers the success or failure of the case to provide a basis. Provide a basis to evaluate working performance target. Provide a basis to plan to sell an end the next time surely. (3) the purpose that the promotion of protocol of promotion plan machinator of the product plans, want to assist implementation to sell an end namely. Promotion plans to include target, politic, detail to plan to wait for 3 much. ① target engineers a book to must express explicitly, engineer the sale target of the case to achieve whole sale, the popularizes an activity target that hopes to achieve. Can divide commonly for: Long-term, metaphase and short-term plan. After ② strategy decides to popularize the target of the plan, want protocol to implement the strategy of this target next. The strategy that extends a plan includes advertisement to publicize politic, cent to sell channel strategy of activity of strategy of activity of price of carry manoeuvre, sales promotion, public relations 4 big. Advertisement publicizes strategy: In the light of the product fixed position and target are consumed group, decide the theme that guiding principle behaves, use newspaper, magazine, TV, broadcast, handbill, outdoors advertisement to wait. Should choose why to be planted media? How many rate do each hold? How many do rate of advertising seeing and hearing and osculatory rate have? Make the characteristic of the product and popular feeling of development selling a site. Cent sells channel strategy: The sort that current cent spends channel is very much, the channel that the enterprise wants to the basis needs and may choose to suit his undertakes, can divide commonly for: Agency and terminal two chunk, have intermediate agent additionally the form such as heart. In choosing we, the main principle that follow is " have a definite object in view " , make full use of the limited natural resources of the company and force. Sales promotion price is politic: The object of sales promotion, a variety of means of sales promotion activity, and what is the effect that takes place of all sorts of sales promotion activity to hope to reach. Public relations activity is politic: The object of public relations, a variety of means of public relations activity, and what is holding place of all sorts of public relations activity to hope to achieve a goal. ③ detail plans to define the detail that strategy of executive avery kind of has. Advertisement behaves a plan: Newspaper and the design that magazine ad stalks of grain (caption, character, design) , draft of script of TV advertising originality, broadcast. Media uses a plan: Choose in a popular style or specializationed newspaper and magazine, still have publish date and layout size to wait; TV and the program period of time that broadcast advertisement chooses and frequency. Additional, also should consider CRP (total seeing and hearing leads) with CPM (ad message communicates every 1000 people's average cost) plan of sales promotion activity: Include commodity to buy display, exhibition, set an example, lottery, give sample, sample meeting, discount. Public relations activity plans: Include partner meeting, release interior of company information draft, company the activity of party of journal, employee, love, connection that transmits media together. (4) market research plans market research to be engineered in sale is very serious content in the case. Because of the market data that obtains from market research place and information, it is the important basis of proposal of protocol sale plan. In addition, situation of market of the first share is narrated to analyse 12 medium data before, can obtain through market research mostly, what also show market research from this is important. However, market research often is ignored by high-level leader and place of concoctive book personnel. A lot of enterprises throw cost of a good deal of advertisement every year, and carelessly market research, this kind of wrong idea must transform as soon as possible. Market research and promotion plan are same, also included a target, strategy and detail plan 3 big. (5) if sale administration plan regards sale plan proposal as if a kind of Liu Hai fights jointly for nothing, selling an end is disembarkation purpose. Market research plan is to be in charge of providing information, extending a plan is sea air force covering, and sale administration plan is army action, assist effectively in information with powerful sea air force covering below, still need banner ground force attack a city to sweep past the ground, ability wins decisive victory. Accordingly, the importance that sale management plans is self-evident. Sale management plans to include to sell plan of director and employee, sale, bagman choose the firewood with training, incentive bagman, bagman reward system (salary and bonus) etc. (6) financial profit and loss beforehand the sale goal that hopes of any place of sale plan proposal achieve appraise, want to realize gain namely actually, and increase and decrease beforehand appraise should be in namely beforehand beforehand appraise the profit before the duty of this product. Want this product only anticipate sale amount is subtractive charge of sale cost, sale (distribute charge adds overhead expenses) , after promotion expenses, can score the gain before the duty of this product. (7) the feasibility of plan and operation sex analysis. This is the implements policy farther process of pair of this plan, from inside some the meaning comes up say, he is a plan carry out " advance guard stands " , on one hand, undertake to the feasibility of whole program and operation sex necessary beforehand is analysed, on the other hand, carry out the matting that has necessary supervisory job to postmortem. This also decides what whether plan passes finally is important measure one of levels. (China engineers total net | Concoctive book | Concoctive net reprints notice: This net article can be reprinted arbitrarily, but section of formal mark proclaimed in writing is sure to link with exceeding please when reprinting primitive provenance Http://
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