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What is the client after all?

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In competition intense times falls, everything around it is a center with the client, all sale activities are jumping-off place with satisfy and leading the client's demand, have consequently a lot of about the client discuss, think the client is god, client the first, the dad that the client is employee, client is the child waits opinion on public affairs a moment.

Roughly for, to the client discuss basically have the following kinds of point of views: It is a client consummate. Hold this point of view think the client is sacred (the key that because the client is the industry survives,develops) ; The dad that thinks the client is employee (because of the enterprise to the client, dare not slight) ; Think the client is a child (because of the enterprise as the family, it is an organization, should the enterprise should be a center to be a center around the client euqally around the child like the family) . 2 it is employee the first, client the 2nd, because of the client consummate foundation is employee the first, only employee satisfaction respects property, just have the client's satisfaction, the client has satisfactory ability to be able to have loyalty only. 3 it is to think the client should be classified, have even the client cent is 3 kinds, among them, existing client is wife, potential client it is a lover, faithfulness and the client that strategic associate concerns are female bosom friend.

Actually, the client is a client, of need is classified management, if trade to divide him two kinds according to whether happening, namely client (clinch a deal) with potential client (did not clinch a deal) . The client that clinch a deal is divided again according to the value of oneself for client of small, medium, big, VIP; The client basis that did not clinch a deal sells the possibility that clinch a deal, divide again for A, B, C, D4 grade. To having a client, as wife, need us well manage, the requirement accomplishs a service all one's life; To potential client, we should be managed attentively more, should chase after closely like the lover namely do not abandon.

If press value to undertake classified to the client: The most valuable client (MVC) ; The client that has growth sex most (MGC) ; The client that lose a value (BZC) . To the most valuable client, we should be strengthened maintain establish good relationship with its, to having the client that grows a gender most, want to adopt the strategy of development, to losing value client, should eliminate its outer. To different client executive client difference is changed, make company sale works can have a definite object in view, the company natural resources with limited concentration from the biggest profit is gained over there the most valuable client, after all the ability of the enterprise is limited, cannot capable to establish study relationship with all clients, from identical profit is gotten over there all clients; Meanwhile, the enterprise is OK also the client information with existing basis, redesign manufacturing behavior, make timely response to value demand of the client thereby, the company is right existing " client library " the difference that has certain level and certain kind is changed, conduce to an enterprise formulating right management strategy below specific management environment. Change to the client's difference, we still can build one simple maths model to undertake an analysis, choose what client place has some this products to have rate (tall, low) the amount that is about to buy recently with the client (big, small) these two variable are coordinate, lead to having tall, be about to buy generous client, adopt a key to carry good connection strategy; Lead to having tall, be about to buy hidebound client, should collect be bailed out to hold or get strategy; Lead to having low, be about to buy generous client, should adopt development strategy; Lead to having low, be about to buy the client with small amount, should adopt get or abandon strategy. Through having the classification with potential client to the enterprise, take the way to deal with a situation that the difference turns to the client. Of course, the enterprise sets out from strategic angle sometimes, if lose value client to promote the sale that the person is enraged or brings relevant product through attracting; Go promoting figure to wait a moment through client of high end of race to control.
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