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Do you believe? The Yi Lisha that has devil figure and transcendental charm is white, cannot find euqally with us unexpectedly gratified flexibly swimsuit. Although she always is a distinguished guest of old brand, but search look for to look for with its, do as him problem the woman. Now, he Li of Yi Lisha white · hand in hand British department store, just roll out the swimsuit from personal brand, more expand the dress limits of the swimsuit beach, Xia Ye even your thinkable anyplace. The figure when a lot of women fear she wear bikini is not quite beautiful, just always leave for in the last moment of need then buy. But the result often is appropriate measure is carried first by whiz. Perhaps cannot find the pattern that is full of distinctive vogue to design and finish the holiday in your dream. "I won't forget first time and the experience that go vacationing on his mediterranean houseboat forever. My baggage is more multiple than others at that time, but can wear without what at all actually. Those wives that taking a small case always look everyday expression flies upwards, and I however defect is in the fight with countless garments skirt. Pass this experience, plus the summer wear complex of my lifetime, make me need beard and hair digs his clad way. Swimsuit of first time choose and buy when, I did many research, also thought a lot of if where the more beautiful method on beach. I am returned to the friend ask for advice with a few modern dress, for instance, . Here I also tell everybody ground of these little experience one by one. " ★ spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else buys bikini, many artful tie-in   if you also added the woman that dare not wear bikini, so accomplish the following to make sure you will be full of self-confidence. The first, clearly, investment buys a true just in time and the bikini that lets a person like. The 2nd, almost every woman can buy several bikini jacket and remove theatrical makeup and costume, include myself inside, the brand that picks those to be able to sell apart so is the good method of a tie-in swimsuit, although the meeting is a little occasionally confused. I ever still persuaded a shop to sell me so, it is worth while also to give or take a lot of trouble. Also can consider to buy jacket of type of a vest of course, match bikini remove theatrical makeup and costume or I like to come with it is short skirt of salon skirt, trousers, beach. The swimsuit of spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else of vest type appears younger than be being covered, compare with bikini photograph more implicative, be opposite when you especially oneself alvine self-distrust when. Of course, thinking Rangbijini to make his appear a bit thinner is an incredible story simply, the true nevertheless bosom that can let you and hip are some more attractive. Unless you have the leg with a pair of long minute and fine figure,remember, do not wear the pants of a straight angle of boy style otherwise, true not good-looking. The figure of most person or dress are hind have linear or the swimsuit pants that spoon form cuts out is more beautiful. Letting what the person feels interesting is, not be to be in what hip masks to jump over show more more thin, many women are worn a bit less, it is better that for instance some people wear the bikini that tall waist cuts out to compare result of the money that join a body instead. The adjustment that the neck takes often can build an attractive cleavage, and the jacket that the woman with a few plump breasts can choose strip steel to hold in the palm, but such effect will be very exaggerative. My individual still likes a bit gaunter girl to wearing fine condole to take a swimsuit. When choosing bikini, color is the mainest factor. I discover I fit description of lilac, viridescence very much in the begining in holiday, because color of skin is very cadaverous still; Wait after suntanning, the colour of enthusiastic, profusion entered the court with respect to this. I do not like white bikini is worn when color of skin is very white, but the first selection that the white after suntanning became me. I love to see in that way person: Wear black and cream-colored only in the city at ordinary times, the arrival of holiday, let them become multicolored beautiful butterfly immediately. When those young woman wear colourful pink and orange very bright and dazzing. I ever had lived in India very a paragraph long, the bright-coloured color of woman dress lets my spirit can do it over there hearten. Like be the same as bikini, important is beach frock, sex appeal is crucial. Do not let others think you do not have self-confidence to oneself my individual prefers aba and salon, if the silk quality of a material of cicada's wings is added,going up transparent lapidary color, gently especially is Indian handiwork a little inwrought collarband and cuff. Put on outside bikini when you so when, those who who still can care about you is alvine? Almost everybody is faulty, have not quite perfect place, these meetings make us not quite self-confident. What so we should do is to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Attractive perhaps cleavage, perhaps be fine is long leg, fruity shoulder, inviting hind low-necked, oneself always can have a beautiful place at least. My advice is: Do not emphasize your inadequacy to alien forever. Want to know, in you to others complain tearfully: "Read my ugly ham " before notice them without the person. I have a beauty to be like the cummer of a beauty, figure it may not be a bad idea, but never can show belly, because of mark of a few spot leaves when be pregnant. Although she sees in holiday, also nobody thinks of she is to be in " conceal painstakingly " , because she always is worn so sexily, dew of a type carries a swimsuit on the back, or it is the vest collocation miniskirt that can show a figure. She has plump bust, perfect hind back, long and thin double leg, her figure looks in me go be like a beauty like artwork. If you do not like yourself really certain place, do not see to others did not go. If summer does not wear white pants, I can feel I lacked bit of what thing certainly. First time choose and buy when, I bought two to differ, the 2nd times I can choose 3... make me infatuate really! The flower nods what time choice suits him most. Go in the evening beach public house, rich bounce and dress up be me sexily to love most; But by day, comfortable straight canister pants is absolutely first selection. Respecting beach public house, remember buying a few beautiful vests or jacket when preparing actor's costumes. Should the sort of can fill in in the bag, cover what go up in the swimsuit at any time, in case does the somebody on the road that comes back from beach offer to go bar? I think the worst thing nothing is more... than wears dirty swimsuit in bar, a towel is wrapped between the waist, the hair is wet, ground of flush with agitation is big drink beverage, and all round it is elegant and beautiful wife completely. General I can include li of costume in the beach a small vest and snow spin salon to handle this kind of situation, still take at the same time small make up bag, install the requisite with a few the simplest appearance: Pen of line of lipstick, look, suntan cream. What should remind finally is, suntan a few meetings are more beautiful. If the skin is the metallic color of luster, a lot of inadequacy can be masked. Buy a bottle big to suntan so cream, set out go before beach one, two weeks begin to prepare. I do not wish to insolate below sunshine too long, so a holiday relies on to suntan normally cream spend. Major person is loosened one, there won't be little weakness and oneself to be impassable again after two days. Hope if goddess is general,my proposal can help the feeling when you go vacationing next time. Wish you are lucky!

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