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The typical case in international trade: Coxa Xiang し ?

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(1) the precaution of claim for compensation

This is a thing of before a few years, I and a domestic big company signed the metallic silicon contract of one odd 120MT, it is very small business originally, but because be first time collaboration, I or demand go haven (Tianjin new harbor) examine goods, it is the premise of contract become effective with this.

Such thing also has a lot of before, how didn't I care about the ground went haven. But open the first bag, frightened me to jump, because I discover,is a silica unexpectedly inside metallic silicon together!

How is this likely? !

I believe my eye scarcely, look carefully, it is true.

Really mysterious, the temperature in electric stove should have 1350 degrees of above, did not fuse how possibly? Such goods is true if by be smoked when sampling, affirmation is unqualified.

Originally I prepare to see 2-3 bag only, as a result I ask to open 12 bags, after be being examined carefully, did not discover similar thing again.

That enchases silica metal silicon on my belt piece, set foot on the way that winds Beijing, all the way I am thinking all the time:

The first is this how of interfuse?

How many can the scale of the 2nd interfuse have?

The 3rd how should be I solved.   

Go in me when haven examines goods, had been the contract affirms two weeks are the following thing, and right now the market had gone 10-15 downward dollar / ton, if at this moment I put forward not to want money, although according to us beforehand agreement, the other side must be accepted possibly, but to them, it is 10-15 at least the loss of the dollar.

But in case after going to Japan rediscover this problem, not be 10-15 likely the dollar can solve.   

How to do? How to do? I am considering the plan of a be satisfactory to both sides, still cannot go in myself outfit, if sacrificing easily, the business is bad also henceforth to was done.   

When still having 50 kilometers from Beijing, be thought out to think oneself by me eventually good program.   

I call the relevant business chief of that company, ask him to come to our company as soon as possible (our company is a few closer from high speed) , but I did not tell him to produce what problem.   

After going to a company, I did not take that sample that has a problem, install carefully however inside front cover is believed in, waiting for their person.   

After he arrived, I view specimen to him. He is very amazed also, we are analysed a long time together, but wanted to defeat a head to also do not have an analysis to give a the reason why, discuss the way to deal with a situation together finally.   

He hopes I do not think headquarters reports this matter of course, this I can understand, but I also cannot put in myself.   

I tell him my idea:

"You saw sample, you also admit the problem. I believe your humanness, below this kind of circumstance I need not be reported to headquarters, but, I want your commitment, in case produce a problem, you must admit. "  
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