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Dress example noun is Sino-British contrast with the explanation

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Dress example noun is Sino-British contrast with the explanation

1, INITIAL SAMPLE -- the head does: The basis does since blueprint do first, basically be to confirm pattern, see the effect.

2, FITTING SAMPLE -- batch do: Make do to approve careful for the guest, dimension / design / complementary makings... wait for a respect

3, SALESMAN SAMPLE -- the sale does: The guest is exhibited with what meet at be on sale do, purpose for will before makes new design, do through be on sale obtain order for goods. Average sale does requirement Qi Seqi to pile up, the thing that every big money accomplishs, want to accomplish almost, but it is OK still that the sale does make again in big money revise.

4, PHOTO SAMPLE -- take a picture do, basically be to see pattern.

5, PP SAMPLE -- big money does: It is the doing before big money is produced, basically be to let a guest affirm big money place wants the product that make to reach complementary makings to wait. This does is to do the complete ginseng of big money to act accordingly. The guest may ask certain modification. May do for many times so.

6, TEST SAMPLE -- the test does: Some guests ask to do a test, do this to do with respect to need. Main test washs water / color / whether does environmental protection respect accord with guest requirement. Want possibly also to be done for many times.

7, BULK SAMPLE -- do before goods: It is the test that him factory does does only, basically be when wanting to see regard as big money whether accomplish a guest completely to ask, test paper pattern / machine clamour / time (doing me this also is not very clear, feel embarrassed: P)

8, SHIPPING SAMPLE -- bow does: Basically be to give a guest to make reference, the money that definite place should give is such.

I know BULK SAMPLE, go ahead of the rest makes do again in the factory, do before goods etc, do with big money cloth, basically be to see craft, measure, shrink rate the problem is had when big money is produced, after the workshop is done, give respect of QC examination design, dimension, charge for the making of sth. has a problem, report the examination to paper the relevant section such as the appearance, workshop, ministry that wash water is referenced next, if wash hind / the dimension after ironing has a problem, be about to do corresponding modification on paper pattern, the guest does not ask to do go ahead of the rest does, also need not approve to the guest, but if if the factory feels certain to local craft needs,altering, be about to inform consult with the guest with sheet, the ability after the guest agrees changes. Go ahead of the rest does to also need not be done occasionally, if turn over sheet (but if big money cloth is new cloth, also should do commonly) .

Be known according to me: Count Spl. With Initial Spl. Differ somewhat:
INITIAL SPL: Advocate if point to,do formerly, do not do according to blueprint place certainly, the product that also can be a few clients that point to him factory gives another client referenced pattern; First time of guest of generally refer to does the wants kind that do to do to the factory, main and referenced design, craft, cloth, color is OK and different;
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