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Business negotiates: Do not understand outfit know + to also do not understand

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Be engaged in the person that sale works, want to face business negotiation everyday, the negotiation is a profound knowledge.

According to the author's experience, when business negotiates, according to actual condition, want occasionally " do not understand outfit understand " , want occasionally " also do not understand " , apply neatly, organic union, particular function arrives since the meeting.

   Do not understand outfit understand

Say here " do not understand outfit understand " , either the member that say sale is self-righteous, be deliberately mystifying, the method that uses blind unconscious bullshit goes " flicker " others, a kind of skill in negotiating however.

Of course, in business negotiation, we can encounter a lot of things that do not know for certain. Occasionally, if we can very cordial ground tells each other " I do not understand really " , can stay to the other side " this individual is very modest " impression, let a person be at ease quite. This also is a kind of method, and this kind of method is quite effective also below particular case.

Additionally one kind of method is, oneself are not very the thing that know, be answered as far as possible with a kind of reasonable means method, give opposite party can the reason of justifiable, let the purpose of be convinced of the other side in order to achieve.

Nevertheless, sale member in " do not understand outfit understand " when, want to notice the following:

One, sale member should take care constantly without fail in usual job, attention of at every turn, strengthen study, take an examination of frequently at thinking of. Learn to book, learn to media, learn to the person of the same trade, learn to the competitor, learn to the person all round, should accomplish " rumour pitter-patter reads sound, in succession pleasant to hear; Housekeeping is pragmatic the world thing, at every turn cares " .

That is to say, sale member should foster oneself into " the Eclectics " , dabble 72, hep sky world, say to be able to say stature Chou Yinmao to everything, not must erudite, but must know more. Sale member the intellectual face that should enlarge oneself ceaselessly, enhance oneself arrangement, rich intellectual range can let the other side look at with new eyes, the administrative levels that the way one speaks or what he says behaves can make the other side is admired.

2, sale member the ability of meet an emergency with the logistic analysis capability that needs to exercise him careful and nimble thinking, hold the conversational tendercy of the other side and thought sequence of thought in order to be in the negotiation from beginning to end.

Some negotiations are relatively relaxed, and some negotiates an atmosphere is nervous, very earnest. No matter be relaxed negotiation or earnest negotiation, the member that need sale accomplishs acumen to judge the other side every word, even the information of every word, the real intent that gives them from the analysis in their talk, general idea and bottom are restricted to ask. React quickly next, be aimed at their information and the outcome that oneself judge, give the other side strong response.
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