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1.revocableL/C/irrevocable L/C but cancel L/C / irrevocable L/C

2.confirmedL/C/unconfirmed L/C is confirmed L/C / not confirmed L/C

3.sightL/C/usance L/C L/C at sight / long-dated L/C

4.transferableL/C(or)assignable L/C(or)transmissible L/C /untransferable L/C can transfer letter of credit / cannot transfer letter of credit

5.divisibleL/C/undivisible L/C divisible L/C / cannot break up L/C
6.revolvingL/C loop L/C

7.L/C With T/T Reimbursement Clause takes letter of credit of clause of telegraphic transfer money

8.without Recourse L/C/with Recourse L/C does not have recourse L/C / have recourse letter of credit
9.documentaryL/C/clean L/C documentary letter of credit / smooth ticket L/C

Yan Fuxin of 10.deferred Payment L/C/anticipatory L/C uses card / advance L/C

11.back To Back L/Creciprocal L/C uses card to infidelity / run from opposite directions L/C

12.traveller's L/C(or:cL/C of Ircular L/C) journey