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Bill of lading of Bill Of Loading

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1.full Set Shipping (company's) Clean On Board Bill(s) Of Lading Marked "Freight Prepaid" To Order Of Shipper Endorsed To... Bank, lading of Notifying Buyers complete set (of the company) clean already lading bill of lading should be made clear " freight paid " , as with lading person the directive is look up, endorse... bank, announcement buyer

Consummate of 2.bills Of Lading Made Out In Negotiable Form can discuss the bill of lading that pays a form

3.clean Shipped On Board Ocean Bills Of Lading To Order And Endorsed In Blank Marked "Freight Prepaid" Notify: Importer(openers, accountee) is clean already the blank of bill of lading of lading looks up and blank endorses, make clear " freight paid " , the announcement imports a person (open a witness)

4.full Set Of Clean "on Board" Bills Of Lading/cargo Receipt Made Out To Our Order/to Order And Endorsed In Blank Notify Buyers M/S... Co. Complete set of Calling For Shipment From China To Hamburg Marked "Freight Prepaid" / "Freight Payable At Destination" is clean " already lading " bill of lading / freight receipt consummate with me (row) to look up / blank looks up, blank endorses, announcement buyer... company, carry of China of requirement goods word is gone to hamburger, make clear " freight paid " / " freight pays in destination port "

5.bills Of Lading Issued In The Name Of... bill of lading with... to look up

6.bills Of Lading Must Be Dated Not Before The Date Of This Credit And Not Later Than Aug. 15, date of 1977 bill of lading must not antedate the date of this card, also do not get late on August 15, 1977

7.bill Of Lading Marked Notify: Buyer, "Freight Prepaid " " Liner Terms " " Received For Shipment " bill of lading of B/L Not Acceptable makes clear announcement buyer, "Freight is imprest " press " regular ship condition " , "Equipment carry bill of lading " do not accept

8.non-negotiable Copy Of Bills Of Lading cannot discuss copy of paid bill of lading