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A few common sense of business trip going abroad

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1. Each district time contrasts watch:

The United States divides elder brother of much goosefoot of Arizona, Hawaiian, wave, Virginia outside area of part of islands, indiana, the others area is annual from April the first Sunday removes the last in October Sunday to stop practice daylight saving time, call in the United States " solar and spare time (Daylight Savings Time) " , inside this period, horological want set forward a hour. Execute for the United States below " solar and spare time " the time after contrasts watch:

Conversion of 4. commonly used metrology

Pound of 1 kilogram of = 2.20462
1 kilometer = 3280.83 foot = 0.62136 mile
1 meter of = 3.281 foot
1 mile of = 1609 rice
1 foot of = 12 inch
1 centimeter of = 0.4 inch

Logogram of English of airport of 5. commonly used civil aviaton
JFK: International Airport of new York Kennedy: EWR: Tile of new York button overcomes airport IAD: The root in Washington International Airport
LAX: Los angeles International Airport; LVX: Las Vegas International Airport

6. China is stationed in beautiful diplomacy orgnaization

People's Republic of China is stationed in embassy of the United States of America
Address: 2133 Wisconsin Avenue, n.W.
Washington, d.C. 20007
Phone: 001-202-328-2551 (be on duty phone) 328-2500 (telephone exchange)
Fax: 001-202-328-2582

Delegacy of U.N. of permanent of People's Republic of China
Address: 350 East 35th Street, new York, NY 10016
Phone: 001-212-655-6100 (be on duty phone)
Fax: 001-212-634-7626

People's Republic of China is stationed in new York consulate general
Address: 520 12th Avenue New York, n.Y.10036
Phone: 001-212-244-9392 turns 1000 (be on duty phone)
Fax: 001-212-564-9389

People's Republic of China is stationed in los angeles consulate general
Address: 443 Shatto Place, los Angeles, CA90020, u.S.A
Phone: 001-213-807-8040(is on duty phone)
Fax: 001-213-380-1961

Be in harmony of the capital in 7. serves an orgnaization:
Reduction of a fraction of button of Bank of China of New York Branch goes
410Madison Avenue (on 48th Street)
New York, NY 10017 USA
Tel: 212-935-3101
Fax: 212-593-1831
By Subway: Take # 4, 5, 6 Or 7 Train To Grand Central Station Or B, d And F To Rockefeller Center Station.
Branch of Chinese quarter of Bank of China of New York Chinatown Branch
42East Broadway (on Market Street)
New York, NY 10002 USA
Tel: 212-925-2355
Fax: 212-431-6157
By Subway: Take M. R J. M Or # 6 Train To Canal Street Station, or F Train To East Broadway Station.
Branch of los angeles of Bank of China of Los Angeles Branch
444South Flower St. , 39th Fl
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