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The basic common sense of the dress business, member that follow sheet

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One. Duty of the member that follow sheet: N;A21Poyo
1. Dog the production of every pieces of single order gives kinds or types of goods smoothly client, receive the money that the response calls in. M-GNL |
2. Maintain connection to increase with new, old client communicate, understanding client place needs. ~-'Gn^ar
3. Those who receive a client complain information, pass pertinent information the relevant section of the company. Jb^Q$%Trr7
4. Master, understanding market information, develop new passenger source. s$9`U{
5. Make good after service. I4)vji
2. The member that follow sheet wants the work that do after receiving order: T35L ! *S
Talk about the methodological 7 that accept the order above all? Y^9yMZz
1. The client has to the sheet below the factory: The sheet below telex, mail sends odd, telephone call oral next sheet varied, the laxative remedy of every pieces of order is different, the member that we follow sheet should notice to turn them into written order. NQEp]ZP=%
When next sheet, we should note the problem that exists in every respect. Citing if: Color, amount. {{VJUA8e
2. The checkup of order Vbu*Xr
Every pieces of order is different pattern, different fabrics, different technology, even equipment is different also. Above all, should see our current level whether the requirement that reachs a clientele, this is crucial. UmF~o
Should distinguishing this sheet is treatment sheet or OP sheet. $S3q RY
3. Drive wedge of manufacturing sheet, flow, , i?  , B
When every pieces of sheet leaves, it is clear to the client must the client asks on manufacturing sheet to write. Before handing in manufacturing branch to produce, whether full make enough money to cover the cost produces raw material of production of understanding of Ying Xiangcang library oddly. ] PO C~Yh7
4. In producing a course, when if have an accident,the circumstance cannot satisfy the client's requirement, must reflect the condition in time company top layer, find settlement way. 9o# , p3<
5. Galley proof &Q, > , ) RF
The eye ground that hits galley proof is those who see our company make money whether the requirement that achieve and satisfies a client, also be big money and yield basis likewise. General situation is to press normal procedure, galley proof is by the client he is approved entirely board hind issue sheet to make money again. <UP! U N
6. S(b((y of modification order for goods! %
General situation is to ask to follow a client to issue sheet afresh, the member that follow sheet opens single cross to produce a production afresh. yM"DisY<
When the client puts forward to cancel order for goods, the member that follow sheet must call in old data (manufacturing sheet, flow gets stuck) . NUB~J$yx
7. After big money production comes out, press eduction goods even. }NOOpyI= @
3. After service %I'q[*S
The client complains or be when returning money: SB8*Q5g
To the client complain, we should understand the reason that the problem appears, want to take step, find the way to deal with a situation, avoid to appear next time. LtM (u
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