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Complementary makings promotion meets 2007 Chun Xia vogue

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Begin time: 2007-3-27
End time: 2007-3-28
Hold a place: Store of Shanghai world trade, 6 buildings, complementary makings exhibits international spin all the year round trade mart
Contact: Miss Zhang
Connect a telephone call: 62366888-6893
Sponsor an unit: Store of Shanghai world trade

Assist run an unit: Guild of dress of guild of dress of committee of major of technology of printing of guild of printing and dyeing of center of Chinese spin information, China, Shanghai, Shanghai committee of complementary makings major

〗 of limits of 〖 item on display

Belt of tag of lacy embroidery, button, slide fastener, brand, line is knitted belt, bead piece get act the role of, prop of fittings of lining cloth liner, dress, clothes tree, pack etc

〖 exhibits business list 〗

Lacy and inwrought: Auspicious dress of Shanghai luck Zhi complementary makings needle of limited company, Fujian Dong Long spins city of head of limited company, Shan showily and industrial limited company, Shanghai exhibits city of head of high inwrought limited company, Shan to be as high as weaving limited company...

Button: Industrial development Inc. , Shanghai great sends Zhejiang Wei star limited company of products of Yin Ying button of city of dress limited company, Dongguan...

Slide fastener: Shanghai watersides promote slide fastener to make limited company, Kaipuluo commerce (elder brother hill) limited company, open easy slide fastener (Suzhou) limited company of Dong Long dress of limited company, Shanghai...
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