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07 the 2nd China face of austral border spin complementary makings and exhibitio

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Extend meeting date: On July 26, 2007 ~ 28 days

Exhibit meeting site: Shenzhen · makes the same score a lake city of raw material of industry of the international austral · China (Hua Nacheng can exhibit house of central 1-2 date)

Sponsor an unit: Guild of spin of city of center of Chinese spin information, Shenzhen,
Undertake unit: China exhibition of flourishing age of city of city of raw material of austral border industry, Shenzhen engineers limited company,
Support an unit: Shenzhen of academy of Chinese spin science detects guild of dress of province of center, Guangdong,
Guild of guild of Shenzhen city dress, Hong Kong spin

Congress appoints media: " spin dress weekly " " world of the industry that make the clothing "   " spin controls garment stock "
Support media: " Chinese spin " , " Shenzhen dress " , " dress complementary fabrics market conditions " , " international tailor equipment " , " dress face complementary makings " , " dress treatment information " , " information of spin costume market " , " spin makes clothing and other articles of daily use

Congress supports a website: " website of Chinese spin economy " " Hua Na dress complementary makings net " " Chinese embroider net " " network of Chinese dress fashion "

Ginseng extend range:
A, fabrics kind: Does scull  ⑺ fear  of ⒒ of  of  ⒚ bend so as to breakstubborn dying hey Sha of  of quiet of Ba Kan of  of leg of ⒄ of  of  of ⒚ of food container  ?
Of all kinds and complex web, antistatic, prevent oily, waterproof, flame retardant, radiation-proof fabric,
The silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics, glance fabric, bounce fabric.
B, former complementary makings: Does  of ⒅ of  of the Song Dynasty of clang of ginseng of ⒅ of  of the Song Dynasty on mill of ⒑ of  of melt Huang the Song Dynasty love Su of caries brightness neck to hold Ba yo high?
The knitting yarn, tatting yarn, yarn that knit socks, yarn that make the clothing, vestee yarn,
Prevent furry yarn, beautiful type yarn. Of all kinds complementary makings is like inwrought, lacy, liner,
Careless craft of button, skin, cordon, brand, slide fastener, buckle, model clothes tree.
Machinery of C, clothing reachs tailor device: Bone Su does ひ of one  ⒐ pound plum melt melt  of ɑ of awake of pregnant of let down with a rope of one  ⒌ ?
Seam pre-treatment, seam aftertreatment equipment and system, dress to produce control system and carriage labour
Equipment, whole very hot reach wash equipment. Knitting frame fetterses: Garden machine, horizontal machine, socks machine, classics
Make up, lacy wait for CAD of mechanical, computer design, make edition and software of production system, technology.
Careless zone of skin of ad hoc of D, congress:

Extend meeting activity arrangement:
1 . The corresponding period holds plan of first swimsuit model and swimsuit design contest.
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