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Machinery of spin of international of the 4th 2007 Heibei reachs knitting equipm

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Begin time: 2007-4-25
End time: 2007-4-27
Hold a place: Shijiazhuang international reads extensively center
Contact: Lou Kai
Connect a telephone call: 0311-87898788 87891388 88614678
Sponsor an unit: Heibei saves guild of cotton spin printing and dyeing, heibei saves association of textile industry business management, heibei province spins company of loom tool equipment
Undertake unit: Heibei vessel inferior the exhibition serves limited company, shanghai vessel inferior the exhibition serves limited company

Support media: China spins machine network, China to spin knitting frame of net of science and technology of machine network, Shijiazhuang spin net, Oriental spin, world website of economy of spin of net of spin of website of printing and dyeing of net of spin of net of net of net, spin of bright and beautiful bridge, China knitting, China, China, whole world, China, Hui Cong net · .


Heibei province is base of countrywide important spin, dress. Have extremely strong production process capability and base of perfect production of form a complete set. Heibei province is Beijing ferry south gate, it is the traffic hub of communication thing north and south, aviation of provincial capital Shijiazhuang, sea, land transportation is defeated by extend in all directions, traffic to facilitate,

Current, heibei province has dress of change of needle, tatting, fur and fittings company more than 4000, the product exports 50 many countries and area, year exit is achieved collect more than 800000000 dollars. Develop textile industry energetically, build base of countrywide important spin, it is Shijiazhuang municipal Party committee, municipal government a when make major strategy is decision-making. Provincial capital Shijiazhuang textile industry starts city result 20 centuries are earlier the fifties, through construction of more than 50 years and development, form give priority to with cotton spin, printing and dyeing, hold the class such as chemical chemical fibber, wool spinning, knitting, dress and spin machinery equipment concurrently to compare complete textile industry system. "95 " end, city has company of key textile industry 52, company assets total amounts to 6.1 billion yuan, have spindle of productivity cotton spinning 890 thousand, cloth machine 20 thousand, ability of printing and dyeing 4. 800 million meters of / year, chemical fibber ability 7000 tons of / year, dress ability 34 million / year. 2001, achieve sales revenue 54. 4.1 billion yuan, profit tax 5. 1.2 billion yuan, in complete province course of study of person of the same trade all resides the first. For Shijiazhuang city construction textile industry base laid solid foundation
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