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Fabrics of spin of international of the 6th 2007 Nanjing, complementary makings

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Begin time: 2007-5-21
End time: 2007-5-23
Hold a place: Nanjing international exhibits a center (dragon coil road 88)
Contact: Li Jun
Connect a telephone call: 0086-25-52315958
Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes branch of committee Nanjing city
Undertake unit: Abundant of Cheng of Shanghai of exhibition limited company is spun to show limited company in Nanjing

Exhibit meeting general situation:
◆ preface
One fills the market of good luck! Exposition of the professional spin fabrics with exclusive Jiangsu, complementary makings!
China is the biggest textile production country on the world and exit country, companion joins WTO as reforming and opening and China, 2005 of global quota system cancel in the round, chinese textile is facing unprecedented development opportunity. But subsequently and come all sorts of trade barrier since vertical stroke of Euramerican each country and turn over dumping investigation, be just as burning more a cold water was irrigated on the fire of intense more, for Chinese numerous industry especially textile rings alarm bell noisy, how to face more and more drastically competition and different client and Euramerican area rise ceaselessly to what the product asks, it is the indispensable element with industry successful trend.

"CNTE " (Nanjing spins rich to meet) hold first times from 2002, already experienced 6 year up to now, below the support that sponsors an unit in each and the indefatigable effort that organize an unit, exhibit a nearly 400 home ginseng to now to postpone a business from more than 100 the first, already formed a collect to be tasted technical communication, newly reveal, the broad platform that each function such as friend of associate with international trade is an organic whole, make numerous spin enterprise obtained many international trade order, in the meantime, also provided newest raw material for international garment industry. On this foundation, congress organizing committee will reach complementary makings exposition at will holding dry goods of international of the 6th Nanjing 7 years in May, exhibit through be being reached to oneself of the meeting be perfected ceaselessly and upgrade, make Nanjing spins rich to be able to become the spin grand meeting with long triangle top-ranking area, bring more broad market and development space for textile.

Limits of item on display:
1, fabrics: Hemp is knitted, silk, cotton is knitted, chemical fibber kind tatting, wool is knitted, knitting and coating fabric, of all kinds and complex web, antistatic, prevent oily, waterproof, flame retardant, radiation-proof fabric, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics, glance fabric, bounce fabric;
2, complementary makings: All sorts of belt of inwrought, lacy, liner, lining cloth, button, line, brand, clothes tree, slide fastener and fittings;
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