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The equipment of tailor of the 3rd Changshu, technology that make the clothing r

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Begin time: 2007-4-21
End time: 2007-4-24
Hold a place: Changshu international exhibits a center
Contact: Huang Wei
Connect a telephone call: 0512, 52800233
Sponsor an unit: Suzhou spins weaver Cheng association
Undertake unit: Changshu name shows service limited company greatly

The 3rd China Jiangsu (Changshu) Fair of brand dress dress

The equipment of the 3rd Changshu tailor, technology that make the clothing and face complementary makings exhibition

Special support: Government office of civil administration of Changshu city person

Changshu city enrols store management committee

Commission of Changshu city economy trade

Abroad representative: Hong Kong China enters international to show limited company

Extend meeting advantage

China is spin makes garment industry big country, spin makes garment industry hold output and export volume world 6 years continuously the first. 3 ground of the river that with another name for Ningbo of Shanghai peace, Shanghai the freeway is axes, short for Zhejiang Province, Shanghai centered numerous spin to make garment industry town of military importance. Spin makes garment gross value of industrial output exceed 50% of countrywide total production value, the world spin that makes be worthy of the name makes garment industry center. Changshu is located in Chinese economy most the area of delta of the Yangtse River that develop, it is domestic and international famous scenery travel city and historical culture famous city, dress dress line of business is the traditional industry of Changshu, changshu " the garment by the world " beautiful praise far and near is famed. Come for years, changshu municipal Party committee, municipal government regards significant advantage industry as to undertake introductory dress dress line of business, promote its fast, healthy progress, implement famous brand strategy energetically in line of business of dress of whole town dress, start famous brand with quality, with market of famous brand develop, with major of dress of dress of Changshu action store terminal market is bibcock, "Wave department is ascended " " Xue Zhongfei " " Qiu Yan " " dream orchid " wait for group of dress dress industry to be dominant, enterprise of form a complete set of treatment of production of large quantities of one privately owned, individual dress is industrial situation of the foundation, form the distinctive industry dominant position with big production of big current activation, large obtain employment.

What brand dress exhibits Changshu to support as municipal government key is large exhibit meeting, through 2 breed, administrative levels gets comprehensive promotion, internationalization rate rises ceaselessly, the influence expands ceaselessly, the height that got global public figure is affirmative, already developed the trade that makes home have force most to exhibit one of meetings, congress insists to be given priority to with the personage inside course of study from beginning to end, negotiate order goods give priority to, the trait that figure shows the guiding principle that give priority to, flutter and action business to pay equal attention to, invite an industry extensively to produce the relevant personage such as business, supplier, trafficker, user and expert scholar, brainpower to attend, build with compose politics, produce, grind, platform of used communication, collaboration, commerce. Exhibit can adopt " governmental dominant, association is sponsorred, the enterprise undertakes, the market is run " brand-new do extend pattern, extend pattern in order to do innovation, constituent mode innovation, reveal form of content innovation, conduct propaganda to innovate to extend a concept to do, face capital attraction of big company of international, home, big group, extend Jiangsu dress dress further external radiation, those who drive Jiangsu Changshu to enrol level of industry of dress of dress of store, Jiangsu and relevant industry whole rise.
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