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6 spin industry and level of relevant new nation are released

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In level of state of People's Republic of China approval issues announcement (2005 the 7th, 9) in released partial spin industry to reach in succession
The national level related its, introduce as follows now:

Name of standard number level approves date to carry out date
2005-03-2 of wool of GB/T19722-2005 abluent sheep 2005-09-01
Goods of fiber of GB/T 19723-2005 spin approves commercial quality to determine 2005-03-23 2005-09-01
Adornment of GB/T 19817-2005 textile uses fabric 2005-06-30 2005-10-01
GB/T 19818-2005 seed cotton clears machine 2005-06-23 2005-09-01
2005-06-23 of GB/T 19819-2005 toothed cotton gin 2005-09-01
2005-06-23 of packer of cotton of GB/T 19820-2005 hydraulic pressure 2005-09-01