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2007 " grand sanded cup " swimsuit of the 4th China designs a contest

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Begin time: 2006-12-30
End time: 2007-3-31
Hold a place: Beijing
Contact: Wei Bin, Han Ling
Connect a telephone call: 010-85229586
Sponsor an unit: Sanded international of grand of association of Chinese dress stylist (Hong Kong) limited company

  One, sponsor an orgnaization

Sanded international of grand of association of Chinese dress stylist (Hong Kong) limited company

  2, contest theme VII- is wet

  3, work requirement

1, the swimsuit series that accords with aquatic sports is designed (male, female outfit is free) ;

2, the former activate that reflects contest theme plan;

3, have bright times sex and culture feature.

   4, award establish

Gold prize a bonus 15000 yuan

Silver-colored award 2 bonus 10000 yuan

Cupreous award 2 bonus 5000 yuan

Renown bonus of outstanding award 20-25 1000 yuan

Above award by Chinese dress stylist association issues honorary letter, bear the palm person will organic meeting joins in grand sanded company, experience grand sanded culture.

   5, content of appraise through comparison

1, the design stalks of grain: Chromatic effect pursues (27CM × 40CM) adds galley proof of style intention, fabrics and specification of the craft that make;

2, swimsuit work: Series of selected design work is judged to make first (every series 3, 5) .

   6, contest program

In October 2006 - will sign up on December 30 contribute

On January 12, 2007 - draft of design of 18 days of fashionable dress is chosen, sign and issue be seleted an announcement

Work of 20 days of selected swimsuits made 25-3 month in January 2007

On March 25, 2007 - 31 days of preliminary contest, final and award prize

  7, take part in the match notice

Countrywide each district and harbor, bay, architect of stage fashionable dress and school teachers and students all can take part in the match independently;

1, sign up take part in the match must refer fashionable dress to design draft, every work series is restricted to sign up for 1 person;

2, take part in the match work should publish to was not made public oneself start work formerly, take part in the match work must not encroach other intellectual property;

3, take part in the match design draft does not grant to return, deadline on January 2, 2007 (it is accurate) in order to mail hair ground indicia;

4, take part in the match design draft the reverse side should make clear address of full name, sexual distinction, age, connection, phone, fax and electronic mailbox;

5, the traffic expenses that is seleted a player to go to Beijing to take part in the match provides for oneself, the player is expended in Beijing board and lodging by sponsor just assume;

6, work of fashionable dress of bear the palm is sponsorred by the contest just collect, sponsor Fang Youquan conduct propaganda, release take part in the match entirely work.   
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