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Vietnam will hold spin clothing machinery to exhibit

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Make the clothing by Vietnam country spin limited company (VINATEX) make the garment and burden society with Vietnam (VITAS) sponsor on the west tribute cloth and exhibition of the fittings that make the clothing and 2007 reach exhibition of the fittings that make the clothing with Vietnam cloth, it is Vietnam the cloth of the most negative great reputation and fittings exhibition. Will part in April 2007 4-7 day, 17-19 day will control garment industry base twice in Vietnam in April----The city inside Hu Zhiming city and river is held.

As a result of the boom of textile, vietnam already exported one of nations into world main hand-me-down gradually. Become World Trade Organization from January 2007 (WTO) after member country, vietnam exports the textile of American etc country to will be restricted no longer by quota. This is meant, be in in the near future in, vietnam textile exports a quantity to will increase greatly, to answer the rapid growth that exports demand, vietnam also is sure to grow substantially subsequently to making garment cloth and the import demand of complementary makings. Exhibit meeting general to exhibit business to offer the good opportunity that with Hu Zhiming city reachs the client meeting inside the river one to negotiate for each district. It is reported, to raise the international level of the product, vietnam textile will invest 2 billion dollar a few years to change to major general henceforth spin dress produces equipment, they like China's cheap and fine product particularly.