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Stop ask for the custom duty influence to spin industry

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14 days, committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council announces to begin to stop from January 1, 2006 ask for all textile to export custom duty.

Investment analyses a point:

1 , stop dress of the textile after asking for textile to export custom duty to try to adding this to export, action of promotion business outstanding achievement is slight.

(1 ) the prime cause that trade situation bearing drops depends on in recent years fixed assets investment is too fast, produce too can giant. Produce in the rest can not before appropriate is solved, the company grows foreground to have fundamental improvement hard.

(2) Euramerican set be restricted basic set the upper limit of amplitude of exit of textile of prospective our country, establishing bounds product is the breed with the strongest actual strength of our country competition. If will be not set henceforth,be restricted breed is added fast accelerate, euramerican still may adopt set be restricted measure, euramerican it is acceptance restrains use limitation measure only, not affirmatory disuse.

(3) after passing custom duty for many times to adjust, tax rate of custom duty of the rest export is at present lower, occupy in export price than very small, effect is reduced to exporting the price after cancelling very finite.

(4) the Central Bank is at present fluctuant to RMB exchange rate adopt the measure that appreciates gradually, future appreciates limits is controlled in 3 % , the influence that appreciates to export the price to the product is more than this custom duty to cancel.

2, spin industry will be faced with large-scale conformity henceforth, go bankrupt industry measure will increase, in before too depend on exit to increase the pattern that drives industry development to make before be being adjusted appropriately, industry foreground has clear improvement hard.

3, at present spin enterprise is experienced generally " in the winter " arrival, cancelling custom duty this to be able to be regarded is the effort that the country expands a foundation to make to improve a trade, but the problem that industry oneself faces is not to pass policy 9 times to adjust what can solve. We manage an industry " decrease hold " investment proposal. Origin: Negotiable securities gazette