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The swimsuit of summertime swimsuit common sense maintains piece

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Rise generally as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, in natant motion people also hopes dress is more comfortable, more beautiful. Swimsuit of ammoniac black silk ribbon with respect to such emerge as the times require. The advantage of swimsuit of ammoniac black silk ribbon is color bright-coloured, dress is close-fitting and comfortable, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall is fast, good wash, very dry, especially resistance is very little, can improve match result of the swimmer.

But swimsuit of ammoniac black silk ribbon is put in a the biggest drawback -- be afraid of chloric corrode. And the swimming-pool must be disinfected with chloric medicaments, especially the summer, natant person is more, to prevent the happening of contagion, more need to go to swim the pool is joined contain chloric disinfection remedy certainly. The more than chloric content in ordinary water does not get the level of our country low 0.3, such coliform organisms, streptococcic wait to survive not easily in Shui Zhongcai. More high-grade swim pool, filter installation is finer, passenger flow is not much, humanitarian environment is perfect, a few lower OK also. Swimsuit of ammoniac black silk ribbon, pants, be in such swim the use time that inevitable meeting uses to reduce it in the pool. Especially swim after an empty after the show, need adds disappear poison, and an one begin the place that you enter the water just is the place that has added drug, even without agitate still (you may not feel, perhaps smell only bleaching powder flavour is heavier) , so your swimsuit, pants, broke down very quickly with respect to meeting come unglued, pine. (but have a bit you should rejoice, what you buy is not fake. Because only the swimsuit that reachs content level truly, pants just can have such problem, the specification has silk of ammoniac black silk ribbon really inside it. ) be about to be in to prolong the service life of the swimsuit of the swimsuit maintain fluctuation kongfu.

Maintain the swimsuit should notice the following:

The first, clear water is used please before swimming the swimsuit wringing, can reduce Chi Shui or seawater so corrode.

The 2nd, the chemical drug such as cosmetic and prevent the oil plants that basks in oil to be able to hurt swimsuit metal, should put on a swimsuit first so again Tu Fang basks in oil, use additionally prevent the caution when basking in oil not to want besmear to arrive on swimsuit.

The 3rd, avoid carefully to let a swimsuit chafe in rough surface, lest harm the fiber of the swimsuit.

The 4th, before changing next swimsuits, develop a body to go up with a large number of clear water first chloric or briny salinity, after be being changed rinse again carefully. After giving a pool, rinse with clear water instantly (water is warm 20 degrees the following) , do not use hot water, washing powder, bleacher, washing machine agitate to wash, after can immersing 10 minutes with a few neuter scour, with hand handle gently small rub with the hands is washed.
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