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One, of fabrics classify

Du Banglai gets stuck, polyamide fibber, polyester fibber is current swimsuit kind most the material that often uses is qualitative. Any detailed are empty, orange red the special talent such as the flower cannot break away from above character 3 kinds of flexibility are idiosyncratic. A lot of metropolises add new swimsuit to fight ultraviolet ray, fight chloric or special treatment waits in place rude and unreasonable water.

2, fabrics characteristic

1, du Banglai gets stuck: It is fiber of flexibility of a kind of man-made, stretch and optimal fabrics, but outspread the 4~6 to former length times, extend is spent admirable, suit to follow all sorts of fiber blending, but aggrandizement quality of a material hangs down object, anti-creasing wait for an advantage. Contain the Du Banglai that refuses chloric class status to get stuck, will make the swimsuit has the service life with more qualitative than average capable person longer swimsuit.

2, polyamide fibber fabrics: Although quality of a material is not as solid as Lai card fabrics, but stretch pliability already was about the same with Lai card. It is a swimsuit at present most the fabrics that often uses, apply to the product of medium-priced.

3, polyester fibber fabrics: For the stretch fabrics of 2 one-way, extend. Because bounce suffers,be restricted, use mostly in swim pants or female swim fission 2 cut type, do not apply to the money that join a body model. But halfway montage or the fabrics that low monovalent strategy applies.

3, li makings and complementary makings

The design of the swimsuit with " comfortable " , " close-fitting " for one of principles. Expect in use polyamide fibber mostly, spend with fabrics flexibility need to agree, just do not send influence consumer to wear easy is measurable. When accordingly the choice uses complementary material, "Stretch " it is indispensable requirement. Because Ying Chao sheds a trend, if need to use a metal, the force that press a gram, conch without flexibility when complementary makings, need to choose not to affect the position of garment body flexibility on the design. When applying appropriate, complementary makings can have the superexcellent effect that make the finishing point.
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