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The CAPP of clothing company informatization piece

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, what is dress CAPP system

The full name of dress CAPP is the computer assists craft to design a system. Well-known, dress designs cent to be style design, print design, technology design, among them style design, print design is the content of dress CAD system, and craft designs the function that is dress CAPP system. Say simply, dress CAD system solves the problem that becomes what kind of dress, and dress CAPP system solves the problem that how becomes.

2, current situation of dress CAPP system and develop

The rudiment of system of inchoate dress CAPP just uses the computer and current software, be like: WORD, CROLDOWR or simple CAPP software make craft sheet on the computer, but the marrow of software -- working procedure reachs to typical craft in the process in craft of work out dress answer with, show without the body, this process can be said to do only " swing a pen " .
Current, relatively perfect dress CAPP system had craft to be made oddly, the function such as computation of the balance of product line, business accounting that produces cost, piece rate, tiring-room has powerful database support, besides sheet of the craft that make commonly used data is like library of resource of level of of all kinds state, sutural sketch map, equipment all sorts of dress component graphs, still possess typical craft library, achieved craft class, working procedure level answer with. Improved manufacturing efficiency, optimized dress craft.
The collection that dress CAPP software involves technical data of computer plot, industry and type, apply what difficulty is more than dress CAD to carry out actually, taller also to operating the integrated quality of personnel to ask, but the benefit that brings to the enterprise after executive success also is very remarkable.

3, dress CAPP system use

We use a process for exemple specification with HCH-CAPP system.
1, the work out of dress craft sheet: The work out of dress craft sheet included parameter of craft requirement, craft to make, singles of craft graph scale, craft imprints wait for content, the design train of thought of HCH-CAPP system is: The dress model craft that deposited enterprise maturity in typical craft library; The typical working procedure with mature company was deposited in typical working procedure library, before undertaking craft of new fund dress is designed, find in preexistence craft library most the dress craft of close, undertake the part is revised again, in the technology staff process that if we are undertaking refute gets 3 making the same score,arrests male suit, in can drawing lessons from library of typical and typical craft completely, smooth refute gets two technology that buckle male suit, advanced piece reach get model aspirant travel is revised, after that piece, arm but direct answer with. In the process that undertakes craft is revised, the system offerred much material to be used for technologist, if all sorts of dress are special graphical library, all sorts of, sutural sketch map libraries of all sorts of library, parameter of standard craft standard, also offer library of typical working procedure to be called directly for technologist at the same time, huge improved the work efficiency of technology division, also raised the rationality of craft at the same time. Fill in craft parameter and craft graph after ending, the system can make the craft file such as manual of simple and easy craft, operation manual automatically.
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