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The new trend that company of informatization management clothing grows (reprint

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Informatization management regards prospective business management of enterprise as a kind of changing trend, already all sorts of medium are acclaimed often. Although each are big,the company is like the IBM, HP solution that rolls out enterprise electron business affairs ceaselessly, however, as the business affairs management that faces particular industry, namely about commercial company " into, annul, tone, put " those who manage a system to see Zhu Baoduan is not much however, the more mature management information system that faces clothing company is more rare.
The clothing company that our country has medium dimensions is close 50 thousand, these enterprises formed a huge market to the demand of dress management software. As the aggravate that the market competes, more and more entrepreneur realize, the purpose that the enterprise exists should obtain the economic benefits of utmost namely, the stand or fall of enterprise benefit is to measure the standard with the basiccest on any account of level of business management of enterprise. Manage with the business that dynamic balance and benign loop can obtain between management, economic benefits is better, step forward conversely dimension difficult. Modern industry already gradually from labor concentrated model change to technology intensive, pure rely on pair of commodity have, rely on individual experience, had held the market very hard, it is very difficult in intense contend get victory, clothing company especially such.
Be in modern clothing company in running, the individual's experience is not the first element, the action of modern management, should build on dutiful data base, should be a kind of scientific reason management. And this kind of management helps each other with what manage, cannot leave computer management system absolutely again.

"It is important to say, do not " awkward
More and more clothing companies realise the important sense that informatization can develop continuously to the enterprise, it is worn since new-style to garment industry industrialization the action of roll booster. According to the analysis, at present clothing company reflects to the applied demand of informatization in 5 respects: Process of products plan informatization, management informatization, production controls network of the efforts between digitlization of automation, production equipment and enterprise. However, from look on the whole, of informatization still be in a kind at garment industry " it is important to say, do not " awkward condition, main show is as follows:
It is an enterprise devoted to the capital of informatization serious inadequacy. Investigate an analysis according to sampling, at present clothing company changes the average investment of working respect every year to take its sales revenue only in information 0.1% the left and right sides, 2% what throw most enterprise to take sales revenue about, 0.01% devoted and least.
2 it is enterprise informatization talent is in short supply badly. Once information system development is finished, the staff that the enterprise joins to develop and be carried out finds new job for the most part IT company, develop in economy especially district performance is more outstanding, make after very good system is checked and accept, a few development cannot move normally, application is atrophic with each passing day, create information system " through acceptable much, what can insist to apply is little " .
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