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Solution of clothing company informatization (ARGOX agent case)

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Solution of clothing company informatization(ARGOX agent case)

The individuation of product requirement is stronger and stronger, change faster and faster, one not careful inventory forms a pile with respect to keep long in stock
Undesirable reserve increase brings about the hidden trouble of capital catenary to expand, the pressure that flows to cash increases increasingly
Of retail terminal cross area to distributing, be collected of access information quickly and feedback encounters unprecedented difficulty
Retail terminal is increasing, business data bulk is greater and greater also, analytic processing rises already ability not equal to one's ambition
Increasingly intense market competition and diversiform and changeful market demand raise new requirement ceaselessly to the level of management of clothing company, and the collection of business data is accurate processing of analysis of data of seasonable, business must reach the designated position whether accurately to having conclusive sense to the level of management of clothing company. Want to solve the problem that business data is collected and analyses processing, must the informatization measure with appropriate have the aid of.
Clothing company has its unique industry character, the characteristic that the design of its product, color, measures combines decided those who taste an amount to follow pattern its are odd increase and show geometrical class growth, sale system is covered straight battalion, wholesale, concessionary wait for a variety of industry condition, retail door inn (the inn in shop, brand shop, inn) numerous, geography causes the amount dispersedly information content grows quickly and the place is dispersive. Apparent, traditional handiwork collects sale, content shedding, check, allocate the mass data that waits for link not actual already, and the rapid development that the small effect that analysis of pure manual data handles is pair of enterprises more forms block up.
Shanghai force serves as home like computer limited company the lead firm that form code informatization builds, combine the informatization expert of garment industry- - limited company of science and technology of software of Shanghai lucky bird, on the foundation of demand of sufficient survey business, rectify and technology of advanced administrative idea, software is mixed a form code technology, rolled out solution of clothing company informatization, the whole that helps clothing company increase work efficiency and manpower resource effectively applies a standard, master market trend at any time, hold client demand and channel access in time, help clothing company solves the difficult problem that business data is collected and analyses processing, drive level of dress business management to ascend higher administrative levels.

One, form code overview

Alleged bar code (the abbreviation) of form code, electrical scanning of consumed of a kind of benefit reads equipment knowledge to read and realize data to input the special symbol of the computer automatically namely. Tell strictly, it is arrange by a group of regulation, sky and the number that its correspondence character comprises, in order to shows certain information.
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