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Clothing company informatization is unscrambled

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Update ceaselessly in computer IT, in the constant change of socioeconomy, commerce and culture, garment industry is as traditional as other also the property is same, be faced with IT to give the new development that we bring good luck and enormous challenge. How does garment industry use technology of up to date information, improvement and the technology that increase a business and level of management had paid close attention to for people place more and more. In the development program of the enterprise, the policymaker of the enterprise and controller ought to make full use of the garment industry that existing IT is the same as a tradition undertakes conformity, establish the industry technology that faces prospective information society and administrative framework, drive clothing company to stride to modernization. Accordingly, a series of IT related to garment industry are acting decisive part in this one process.

Dress CAD

Dress CAD (COMPUTERAIDEDDESIGN) namely the computer assists dress to design a technology is the IT that gets the earliest applied in garment industry. Seventies later period, american case cypress (GEBER) company development goes the first layette to install craft to design a system, the function covered ejector plate and segment of platoon makings technology, those who initiated dress CAD technology is epochal. Be in subsequently 80 years of initial stage, to reduce the systematic cost of dress CAD, this company rolled out the first dress CAD machining complex that moves on personal computer workstation again, the wide application that is dress CAD thereby laid a foundation.

Below the driving of industrial demand and new technology, the style that reflects stylist individuation originality designs system and computation mechanism board system all develops development to succeed. Be in the following in nearly more than 20 years, multilateral home and region are made on the world, be like: Country and the area such as Taiwan of Hong Kong of the United States, Spain, Canada, France, China, China and mainland manufacture a respective clothing in succession CAD system. They the demand according to garment industry, the latest technology that links the computer is right technology of dress CAD system undertake innovate and be perfectinged, got the self-identity of company of clothing of world each district. According to not complete count, 80% above are as high as in the popularity rate of CAD of Euramerican country dress, also achieve 40% ~ in Chinese Hong Kong and Taiwan area 50% . Under photograph comparing, popularity rate on the low side of home, because this will have more and more domestic clothing companies,introduce dress CAD product.
Dress CAD technology basically includes dress design to design design of example of system, dress and craft to design a system. Dress stylist uses dress design to design a system to show original originality on computer screen, processing of change of the plot that uses the computer, geometry, color and three-dimensional imitate are emulated wait for a tool to pursue to dress effect undertake revise and be perfectinged, form documentation of graph of dress electron effect, take outfit stylist to use dress example to design what the system has dress model to make next, in affirmatory dress example board later enter the industrial board phase that make. The rich function that dress craft stylist uses craft to design a system completes the technology segment such as makings of ejector plate, platoon and technological process, form all sorts of craft blueprint finally to enter production to machine tailor phase.
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