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The composition in swimsuit fabrics

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Thread of fabrics of requirement of the swimsuit that make has flexibility good, outspread degree of big, chemical stability is good wait for function characteristic. It is a few kinds of part that contain in swimsuit fabrics below:

Polyester fibber: It is the synthetic fibre with the at present most crop on the world. Intensity is high, be able to bear or endure solar sex and chemical stability are better, the dacron after through special technology treatment is handled has more exceedingly good physics and chemistry, and cost is low, it is the bases of the swimsuit that make.

Polyamide fibber: Say again " nylon " , intensity is high, strong wear-resisting, acid-proof, first what protect form sex to also reside all sorts of fiber. But do not be able to bear or endure smooth, long changeful color, hair is fragile after insolate. Dacron of cost prep above, also be a kind of bases in swimsuit fabrics.

Ammoniac black silk ribbon: Can make fabric is had very tall outspread spend and resilience. Be able to bear or endure bask in gender and it is better also to protect form sex, and human body feeling is comfortable and nice, but cost is higher. The fiber of black silk ribbon of ammonia of a kind of well known that Lai card fiber is production of American Du Bang company. The ammoniac fishing line that has certain part is added commonly in better swimsuit at present, make a swimsuit richer and stretch, be out of shape not easily.