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Bikini more and more " cause fire " (in)

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"Debauch " the swimsuit ever was prohibited swimming by legislation the player is arrested accordingly

From which the people since the century prevents a woman to swim to bathe even with a series of reason. 17 centuries, a few way washing bath that concern with medical treatment increased bathing chance of the woman. But women must be put on long the thick shirt that reachs an ankle is adscititious a cap will keep creditable. They a surface, attendant people can put on aba to them. Return somebody to wear outfit of this kind of bath till 19 centuries.

Arrived 19 centuries, shirt type swimsuit is had by a kind the swimsuit place of leather belt, length and genu is replaced. Women are planted in this of the swimsuit below return dress trousers and filar socks. Their head wears bathing cap, there is the chalaza loafer of similar toe shoe on the foot. Such, swimsuit eventually at 19 centuries 80 time enter fashionable dress magazine and shop list. But the skirt of new-style female swimsuit is very wide, its weight in wet base can amount to 30 pounds.

Arrived 1870 1900, it is women's a turn period on swimsuit history, design still keeps unvarnished, just become simpler and simpler, and women still are wearing corselet below the swimsuit -- , one kind has arm and leg guard, the dress joining system of similar children night clothes. Government of a few states prohibits strictly be being worn through law " debauch " dress, formulary swimsuit must be enclothed from cervical the human body place to knee. Because some women did not wear silk socks, shoe or grow skirt and be fined.

The woman swims to made Olympic Games item first 1912. Dulake is in the model Ni · that wearing those who have plus fours leg to connect body swimsuit without sleeve the be the champion in a lot of projects. The Annite Kaileman of female natant athlete that Australia is born also broke routine, she was in 1907 because Boston wears a bold swimsuit that join system, be arrested by police.

Pass through more cause fire flat do not wear

To 20 centuries 30 time, the design that is not match swimsuit produced revolutionary change. Braces replaced sleeve, trouser legs becomes shorter and shorter, collarband also becomes lower and lower. The shake-up with woman the most radical swimsuit is the occurrence of the bikini. Bikini heat spreads, pounding the people culture of whole world and moral sense with respect to the situation with topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

At that time, bikini is in Europe only be current, till the ability after 15 years is passed to the United States. Among them a the most classical bikini was 1952 Ba of · of female singer of French star green jade bell in the film " the girl that wears bikini " in do not have bikini of aglet dot design when wear. At this late hour, this design still is put to go up to the sky by many fashionable dress brands the bridge evolves into new style.

The does not have bust bodice bikini that Lu Di designed 1964 (Toplesssuit) firing to public ethics fort. Kou Er rolled out the swimsuit that conceals prothorax and waist with flue.
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