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Bikini develops the history

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Bikini(Bikini, hong Kong is called " Bijianni " ) the swimsuit of the dress when showing the female swims commonly, i.e. bikini swimsuit.
Bikinithe unmanned islands bikini that the name points to archipelago of Er of Pacific horse carry on originally island. 2006 is a bikini (Bikini) " birthday " 60 years. In half of in the past many century, the bikini makes the mark of female style dress all the time. The bikini is known as bound of dress of 20 centuries world this one the greatest " invention " .

Car engineer made bikini

On June 30, 1946, pacific bikini island (exploded on Bikini Atoll) atom bomb, after 18 days, one is called Louis · Li Erde (the French of Louis Reard) rolled out jacket of bust bodice style and briefs swimsuit. He employed that dayMuster young womanMake model, be inCommunal swim poolShowed his work. One week later, bikini with respect to fashionable Europe.

Ecdysiast of model be terrified by the sight of sth or sb tries on the first bikini

Before 1946, bikini is a place name only -- , approval of president of Du Lu door undertakes the nucleus plays the name that tries exploded isle. That year first half of the year, the woman dare be worn only stand get, of smooth foot lapping closely of the body " swimsuit " swim to the seaside, beach picture is pitch-black.

In Mashaoer the bikini island atom bomb of archipelago explodes the 18th day after, french Louis the swimsuit that · Li Erde rolled out to be comprised by 3 cloth and 4 belts at was in Paris on July 18, 1946. The swimsuit with the smallest area of body of the cloak on this kind of world, protect a breast through bust bodice, back is taken except the rope outside almost complete naked, the hip ministry of briefs vent in the sides of a garment go up as far as possible carry, most showed department of buttock leg hip substantially. Its form handy, small and exquisite, used inadequacy only 30 inches of cloth, in kneading posse to be able to load a matchbox.

Before that, the swimsuit is conservative still, cover is worn the much of the body. And much of Lierde that designs bare epigastrium. What this swimsuit chooses is to imprint have newspaper content the fabrics of edition piece, astute architect is alluding his bold design to will have a large number of layout on world newspaper. Because put on hind approximate completely naked, so a lot of professional models of Paris are planted to this at that time swimsuit be terrified by the sight of sth or sb. However, one is called the ecdysiast of Ni of the base of a fruit to be challenged bravely to traditional idea, bikini is put on in a swimming-pool edge, let a reporter take a picture, another bikini is worn was in on the body of plastic model.

Bikini causes a trouble to the beach of the whole world

Of bikini come out the degree that your world astonishs that one no less than atom bomb explode. The Lierde that try to be unique loses no time the influence that favourable geographical position explodes with bikini island atom bomb, decisive name this to plant type swimsuit was two at 3 o'clock " bikini " , send ill-gotten wealth greatly thereby. Although this kind of new design aroused very big controversy, it still got in France " those mischievous girls that adorned beach " welcome. Appease in inchoate sensation after coming down, as the swimsuit that when women go up in beach and swimming, wears, the bikini replaced the swimsuit that join system quickly.
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