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" the country is geographical " dialytic hundred years swimsuit develops the his

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20 centuries 30 time are tight the swimsuit is very popular, but the revolutionary change that the design that is not match swimsuit produced a kind to be similar to underwear to be designed right now. Braces replaced sleeve, trouser legs becomes shorter and shorter, collarband also becomes lower and lower. Sunbathe from the popularity since 30 time, promoted a swimsuit to aim to expose the skin and avoid braces to bask in the reform of mark. However the sort of vintage swimsuit that covers crotch completely continues to 60 time all the time. Stretch fiber, acetic acid fiber and man-made fibre offerred new possibility to make formfitting swimsuit. Arrived 40 time, adjust the end that posture became a swimsuit. Meshy bust bodice highlighted a woman the upper part of the body, and hip also is encased closely.

The shake-up with woman the most radical swimsuit is the occurrence of the bikini. The trigonometry material that Lei Ya of road easy · used newsprint model 1946 designed French engineer a kind of very simple swimsuit, two component of this kind of swimsuit just are mixed by backside chalaza just. He names this kind of design for " bikini " , think this kind of design can resemble the atom bomb that just exploded on bikini island shaking a swimsuit to design a group in that way. Although this kind of new design aroused very big controversy, it still got in France " those mischievous girls that adorned beach " rapid welcome. Other country boycotted a bikini more conservatively. Even Hollywood does not wish to admit this kind of swimsuit at the beginning.

Australian stylist protects La Sidafude to introduced the bikini gold coast 1952: The bikini caused a mighty uproar. John Mofate caught beach go on a tour of inspection instantly the model that a dress keeps the short swimsuit that draws a design. "Too short, " he at the same time ground of shout oneself hoarse is crying, at the same time send under escort is worn this model leaves beach. Protect pull and was not frightened. She lets additionally 5 girls put on a bikini, informed place of newspaper and invited a mayor, priest and police chief. What thing also did not go, but she obtained breathtaking propagandist result however.