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A great disturbance of group of fashion of dekko of grand of Jing of hundred yea

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Swimsuit, just as its name implies is the dress of to swim special design, however it is born oneself daystart, swim in order to go to the lavatory merely by no means for the supreme end. From original fully armed cumbersome actor's costumes arrives to breach limit seventies " naked " swimsuit, arrive again the agitation restoring ancient ways of contemporary and ceaseless loop, the development history that the swimsuit comes to more than 100 years, like a war that does not have smoke of gunpowder, its every time is innovated, can cause a mighty uproar of fashionable bound.

Prevent collect 56 underwear

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19 centuries 80 time, the swimsuit appears on shop goods shelves and fashionable dress magazine first. That is a kind of length and genu, swimsuit that has leather belt, wear this kind of swimsuit, the private parts still needs to wear skirt silk socks or trousers. The most popular at that time beach dresses up is the head wears the chalaza loafer that there is similar toe shoe on bathing cap, foot.


The first of the swimsuit 10 years of development are not swift and violent, the idea idea that keeps feudality restricted the creation thinking of stylist. Maintain to allow a woman " creditable " , the skirt of the swimsuit is done very wide, its lap Bian Changke amounts to 8 feet 8 inches, after entering the water, gross weight makes an appointment with 30 pounds.

This is 56 underwear is prevented collect


20 centuries 20 time, the swimsuit begins to become important and fashionable dress is changed, female at that time people need not be censured for bare skin again, of the swimsuit practical the first position that is placed in the design. At that time, cooperation is very close between swimsuit industry and underwear industry, then close-fitting knitting swimsuit became mainstream trend. This kind of cooperation lasted nearly 10 years all the time.


30 time sunbathe begins to be in folk popular, blame match swimsuit also produced one sort to seem the revolutionary change on underwear design. When there is two types swimsuit mostly on market, stylist people happen to coincide the ground went to look move to connect form of characters or letters on the swimsuit. Arm is replaced by braces, trouser legs is shorter and shorter, collarband is lower and lower also, when making people is basking in sunbathe, avoid to expose bask in mark apparently. Meanwhile, a complete set of cooperates adorn article be favorred gradually by the female.
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