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" the country is geographical " dialytic hundred years swimsuit develops the his

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As the popularity of the swimsuit, more and more women begin to wear this kind of dress. And swim after making item of woman sports match, promoted the popularity of the swimsuit further. The woman swims to made Olympic Games item first 1912. Dulake is in the model Ni · that wearing those who have plus fours leg to connect body swimsuit without sleeve the be the champion in a lot of projects.

Dulake realizes her swimsuit can arouse controversy, because this becomes her to stand when start to wearing jack-towel robe all the time, just just be about to shuck off robe in the begining in the match.

The Annite Kaileman of female natant athlete that Australia is born also broke routine. She was in 1907 because Boston wears to connect body swimsuit and be arrested boldly. Rise superior to of triumphant Le Man, begin to design the swimsuit accord with real need for oneself, her practice is the union of photograph of tight silk socks swimsuit and vaudevillian of singing and dancing, design the swimsuit that expose bodily form and reflects bold sports spirit thereby.