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" the country is geographical " dialytic hundred years swimsuit develops the his

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Of Kaileman swim to take and dive take sensation was caused in England and United States. The natant program that she designs for Hollywood came 1916 the movie that a series of concerned aquatic sports inspired between 1952 (her life story becomes the movie that acts the leading role especially by dust silk at was being patted 1952) appear. These positive image that shaped a woman for the film of leading role with the sportswoman and " indication female body " new regulation (Fotheringham1992 ∶ 181) . The design of the swimsuit reflected the sort of new development. Arrived 20 centuries 20 time, people begins to realise a swimsuit must suit is actual.

Although there are a variety of regulations about the swimsuit at that time, but knitting swimsuit still is accepted finally for women. The close cooperation of swimsuit industry and underwear industry strengthened the similar sex between swimsuit and underwear, and this kind of cooperation lasts to 20 centuries all the time 30 time. Below this kind of circumstance, new " tight " swimsuit and " modern " bodily form produced connection. Meanwhile, to try swimsuit and underwear to distinguish, stylist people the cuts out means and such as leather belt reach button and so on accessory that emphasized a swimsuit. The individual interest that the earnest sex that they lent this to enhance a swimsuit eliminated underwear place to contain and pornographic imply. With respect to the swimsuit character, the society is right of new-style swimsuit approbate the morality that removed the government finally with demand to criticize. In other words, the swimsuit produces the fashionable dress of the influence to differ with from above to below, the phenomenon that it is a kind of from bottom to top -- it is accepted by average woman place above all, just be mixed by public interest next the intercessor of social behavior people accept constrainedly.