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" the country is geographical " dialytic hundred years swimsuit develops the his

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New-style female swimsuit is more actualer than vintage swimsuit. Women are now in water can " freedom plays " is not to resemble previously in that way bubble is in water. But this kind of swimsuit still may create risk. To carry a woman " creditable " , skirt is done very wide, its Bian Changke amounts to 8 feet 8 inches, its weight in wet base can amount to 30 pounds. Plant in this " burdensome swimsuit " below be a burden on, women swim very hard really. Those who have acid interest is, although the purpose of design of this kind of swimsuit is to cover female body, but it can be stuck on the body closely however when moisture and use female body a kind be had pity on already absurd fashion show comes out.

In other words, this kind of dress did not produce creditable image in be applied actually. A male natant coach says after trying on this kind of swimsuit 1902: I am in after putting on this kind of swimsuit, just realize the risk that the cloth with a few unnecessary rule can pose in underwater. This kind of swimsuit is very wide, far and near seems to have a thing pulling me. Wearing this kind of swimsuit to swim 100 meetings make I resemble dress at ordinary times in swimsuit You Yiying so tired. After having such experience, those who make I feel strange is to do not have a few women to swim no longer can swim well, however they can swim actually.

This kind comment makes clear women's the requirement of the controversy that the swimsuit arouses and people to logical pattern. Arrived 1870 the time between 1900 is women's a turning point on swimsuit history, in this paragraph of time, reached the degree of reach the limit about creditable viewpoint. But watch in regulation of this kind of dress and female when having powerful effect, women begin to be engaged in athletic sports, and thereby begins to cast off force a variety of limitation on their body. Be in at this moment in the society, we can see a variety of sexual distinction regulations and the regulation to woman action on one hand, and also can see a lot of women appear with positive aspect on the other hand socially.