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" the country is geographical " dialytic hundred years swimsuit develops the his

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Material shows women do not like to prevent this kind of kind that wash bath as far as possible very much. Those buckish women do not like this to plant especially " extremely inadvisable " bath outfit. Gain ground as what maritime natant activity and amusement swim, the highbrow characteristic that this kind of ugly and burdensome bath installs becomes more and more apparent, but return somebody till 19 centuries,wear this kind of bath to install. A doctor that calls Sipulai offerred criticism at the absurd characteristic that installed to woman bath 1822: Outfit of this kind of bath prevented water and body the direct contact of sick place, affected curative effect. If the patient can not wear bathrobe to bathe mineral spring, this meeting is best method; But if patient blame wears bathrobe cannot, this kind of bathrobe should be done as far as possible light and wide; And bath of cent of male and female also can improve this kind of condition greatly. The first kind of plan of Sipulai is too radical of course to the moral view at that time, but his other proposal caused the change later however. People begins to execute a men and women to divide bath. Male people and female people are not in what differ the bathroom bathes, bathe in the different time of same bathroom namely. Sometimes a beach can be divided into two parts -- male part and female part. Sometimes female part watchs women with arresting a man with curtain inclose sloppily dressed the ground is on a bank to come from inside the sea.

Right now swimsuit design also produced change. Shirt type swimsuit is had by a kind of leather belt, the swimsuit place of length and genu is replaced. Women are planted in this of the swimsuit below return dress trousers and filar socks. Their head wears bathing cap, there is the chalaza loafer of similar toe shoe on the foot. Stylist people emphasize this kind of swimsuit as far as possible with adornment and cloth " female " characteristic, and while this kind of Nancy swimsuit is emphasizing female characteristic, still reflected a kind of desire that dominates sexual desire. Of the swimsuit " Nancy " and modern change those who make its scored the community to look attentively at, such swimsuits eventually at 19 centuries 80 time enter fashionable dress magazine and shop list.