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" the country is geographical " dialytic hundred years swimsuit develops the his

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The different point of woman swimsuit and man swimsuit depends on, former the gender pays close attention to since cite especially and argue with its all the time. From which the people since the century prevents a woman to swim to bathe even with a series of reason. Just arrived 17 centuries, a few way washing bath that concern with medical treatment (dipping and mineral spring bath) the bathing chance that just increased a woman. And a variety of limitation make this kind washs bath to do not have a woman how to much bring happy. Women must be put on long the thick shirt that reachs an ankle is adscititious a cap keeps creditable with concealing bodily form.

They a surface, attendant people can put on aba to them, make the person loses sight of their damp body. The about bath of Ba Siwen spring following script that wrote 1687 provided the earliest record of woman swimsuit to us: Women are wearing the clothing that fine yellow canvas makes to walk into a bathroom, the dress is inflexible and this kind is wide, having a priest to teach gown in that way big arm; This kind of dress can be stretched in water, make the person loses sight of your bodily form. And other cloth is very close-fitting make dress the person looks very bad... after leaving a shower room, you can cross a door and set foot on extend the step that takes piscina...

After taking a few steps, the canvas bathrobe that you let attendant to be taken off for you falls into water slowly, at the same time betweenmaid sleeps the dress of flannel long sleeve like gown wraps around to go up in your body. When the step on you, attendant can get dressed to you, sleep plus gown and a pair of slipper, let you sit on the chair... next a few male chair men can carry you come home before be being put in the bed, you can go up in the bed slowly sudoriferous.