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creora swimwear fashion trend: the mainstream, nostalgia and adventure

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HARD CORE The concept of the young into the design of swimwear to enhance the bright colors of clothing. Integration of this concept, the traditional dark colors and fashion together. creora? black nylon woven, traditional adds swimsuit rub scars and fluorescence effects. By extinction, or smoothing, smooth fabric surface more closely, creora? performance H-350 in the fabric smooth and solid play an important role. Printed with an abstract design to send the young to make more sexy swimsuit, but not vulgar, so that the beauty of swimwear has reached a new level. More importantly, to seize the popular elements of today: mesh, laser cutting, printing and abstract the heat setting a new order. Hard core fabric creora? performance H-350 enhanced the recovery of stretch fabrics and fabric sheen. The use of soft mesh swimsuit with transparent and opaque to the contrast. Warp knit fabrics, super tight, with a smooth fabric surface, not relaxation, anti-chlorine. Adding large amounts creora?, So swimwear is more personal. New creora? Super chlorine resist H-350S makes the fabric resistant to chlorine longer. MIPAN? Fine denier yarns of the fabric to add bright colors. Contains a lot of creora? Fiber warp knit fabrics, cut smooth, seamless is not curling. Askin? Polyester and MIPAN? Askin so quick-drying swimwear and beachwear washable, and UV protection. For swimwear and beachwear. Hard core topics: Rebellious, smooth, support, bright, punk, the temptation Hard core clothing Clothing jacket - the printing of local and abstract inlay - Black RETROSPECT Review Chic, comfortable and nostalgic still influence the design of swimwear, but added creora? Spandex, the more wealth that modern bathing suits. 50 years since the 20th century, while the complex folding patterns and effects, making swimwear more attractive at the same time, by a simple stripes and dots to make it into contemporary. Color and printing from the surface point of view, Hawaii and the colors and patterns Havana become a trend. Very simple fashion from the charm of various gram weft and warp knit fabrics replaced the woven fabric. Smooth, matte fabric tightly and the formation of its unique structure, folds, beads and fabric organization effectiveness. Retrospect fabric creora? high levels of knitting with soft touch plastic swimsuit. New creora? Highclo spandex for swimwear, chlorine resistant super elastic properties and more durable resistance to chlorine. Transparent folds of fabric to make clothes and produce results. creora? H350 and MIPAN? flexible woven silk yarn produced dull the effect of warp and weft is used, the fabric has a soft, smooth feel. With high elastic creora? Fiber liner can be used in bathing suits, play support Bra effect. creora? eco H-550 and recycled fiber, MIPAN? regen? recycled nylon and Regen? recycled polyester synthesis, the swimsuit flexible and more environmentally friendly. Mercerized cotton and viscose fibers or creora? Combined for beachwear, so bathing suits and cotton feel with a matte effect, so a more retro feel. Retrospect topics: Pure, fun, charm, texture, printing, plastic Retrospect Clothing With a strong contrasting colors of the young fashion swimwear -, XL shaping swimsuit, a combination of clothing and beachwear. ODYSSEY Adventure Travel Undersea adventure sports as a bathing suit. Strange and abstract print with the surface effect, not only the colors brighter, and the composition of its raw materials can make the surface condenser. Environmental protection and new and renewable polypropylene fibers, added creora? Spandex elastic yarn, the increased light and quick-drying washable fabric effects. Still the main black color, with contrasting color twill through, chain stitch, transfer printing to suit even more beautiful. Meanwhile, more and more swimwear fashion sense. Tight smooth fabric makes a more personal and easy to loose swimsuit and bathing suits to dry easily. Odyssey fabric New creora? Super chlorine resist H-350S can improve the fabric of the technical support, durable resistance to chlorine, in the rhythmic gymnastics and competitive sports to maintain long-lasting comfort and extend the life of clothing. creora? eco H-550 low temperature setting spandex, and renewable fiber MIPAN? regen? or polypropylene lightweight combination of more environmentally friendly. Askin? Polyester, washable quick-drying, anti-ultraviolet radiation. MIPAN? Nylon, comfortable, washable and dry quickly. Odyssey Theme: Support, quick-drying, reflective elements, close, technology Odyssey Clothing Men and women racing swimsuit, triathlon, rhythm clothes, Jianmei Fu, leotard