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Wealth Test: From swimsuit to see your concept of money preferred

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On the swimsuit, your favorite color is which? A, red B, yellow C, blue D, white E, black F, Purple Analysis】 【 A, material wealth of money, but the flower to flower, the profit to make. Fu sociability, but independent and strong. B, use skills to make money, the larger the drive more foot. Interested in gambling, optimist, less frustration for money. C, the spirit is more important than money, talk about money matters, but willing to chip in for others. Well keep up appearances, clumsy personal gain profits and savings. D, high taste, preference for high-level product, it is a waste of addiction. Modesty, self-confident and aloof; Therefore, even if in love, no love in their hearts open. E, is divided into simple and conservative and the two extreme vanity vain person. Pragmatic view of money, not waste, can have a stable life. F, a character, hate monotonous and mundane. A keen sense of beauty, spend generous, but know thrifty, but also the ability to make money to support themselves.