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Export-oriented swimwear companies fought the Asian market

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Two days, Fox Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jinjiang colorful Marketing is extremely busy: one side was summed up the Hong Kong Exhibition and Fair Global Sources experiences, while next week to begin preparations for China Sourcing Fairs Global Sources, Singapore station. There are also a busy village with constant Sundstrand of you peers, they also planned with the government team to Singapore exhibition. Swimwear for many export enterprises, which is its first visit to Singapore Expo. This will be fought in the Asian markets opened Jinjiang prelude swimwear. Deserted the "double Exhibition" Global Sources China Sourcing Fairs at Hong Kong Station and the Canton Fair Phase III Jinjiang export apparel industry is known as the "double-Show." Staggered two hours about two weeks to carry out the exhibition to facilitate the export enterprises continuous exhibitors, targeted customers, many enterprises in Jinjiang swimwear exports to the exhibition every year, quite lively. However, in previous years, the lively "double Exhibition" has suffered this year when the financial crisis comparable to the poor. "As in previous years, we have a pedestrian have great expectations of the two exhibitions. But it is in Hong Kong or Canton Fair, this year have greatly reduced the number of European and American merchants. Although slightly better than some of the financial crisis, but there are significant procurement intention to discuss the European and American businessmen and docking little. "Colorful little Zhongjie Shao, Assistant Chairman of Fox Road, European and American market is the main market colorful fox, in previous years, exhibitors, colorful fox can live Shouhuo some European and American customers, but this year there is no harvest. It is understood, Ka Xiong, Hang Shing, Hong Nga, also encountered the same situation. "Small merchants, not intended purchases, not to mention the price up. This is the show business in general reflecting the situation." Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce to the Canton Fair, said the head of research. Collective fought in Asia Enterprises on the export of swimwear, to remove the target market customers to reduce, not increase the price is also a problem. "Price is the most headache. In Europe and America market, we mainly take the amount. Now the cost of pressure, not to mention the price is up, even if there is one, it is difficult to do." It is a small Zhongjie Shao, by rising raw material prices and exchange rate fluctuations, production costs this year, colorful fox rose about 30% integrated, and successfully raise prices of some products of the company less than 20%. Jinjiang swimwear industry, exporting colorful fox be large, the unbearable pressure on European and American markets for the exports of the village with the majority of small businesses, the pressure is even more deadly. As a result, exports began to seek responses swimwear companies. "The Hong Kong exhibition, we called these exporters had one will, is to introduce and promote the global resources around the exhibition, the intention to organize a delegation to seek business. The results, show business is very interested in the Asian region." British Town to do business official said. And this exhibition to Singapore companies that fought in Jinjiang swimwear demonstrate the Asian market. "ASEAN and other Asian emerging markets, more preferential policies, and consultations in most Asian markets can be traded in RMB, fluctuations in exchange rates to avoid the problem. The next two years, this will be the focus of our development area." Including the colorful fox, including the Hang Sheng the export of swimwear companies to develop greater efforts are brewing in the Asian market. Pave the way for the brand way A well-known swimwear brand official said that the export of long-term planning for the swimwear business, the ASEAN and other Asian export market is only a "transit station." The ultimate purpose of business or go back to the domestic brand. Fox is the colorful one of the enterprises responsible for the population. Back in 2008, the company gave its 3-year plan set out in the three years through the export business, to lay the foundation for the domestic market. Now, in addition to expansion of export markets has brought plenty of cash flow, colorful fox is also gradually increasing internal management, product design and other aspects of investment, ahead of paved road brand. Hensen's action is more rapid some. This year in October, preparations for two years, Hang Sing's new clothing brand Kerastase Wen debut. Hong Jian, general manager of the company group, said the brand will be playing a young fashion swimwear business, the domestic benchmark. "We are in the Eastern European market, the brand has been three years operating experience. But after all, different markets, consumer habits, to make the brand in the domestic market must be returned to the Asian market, the multi-understand." Hongjian group told reporters.