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New sense of shared campaign - launched the Seventh China Swimwear Design Conte

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Olympic passion in dance, music to enjoy the "Water Cube" after the gorgeous, a swimsuit designed to explore new ideas, share new sense of movement, "Hosa Cup" Seventh China Swimwear Design Contest recently in Beijing. The event is the National Design Competition swimwear industry's highest level, since 2003, has been successfully held for six. After China Fashion Designers Association and Hosa Group spared no effort to promote, "Hosa Cup" this "popular" match the fashion industry today is the "hot spots" is one of the original Hosa swimwear from leading brands, hair Exhibition set to become the largest indoor sports products, fitness services in an integrated fitness brands. The theme of this competition - "the more Yue" very characteristics of the times and cultural characteristics, in the "beyond" in the harvest, "pleasure" of pleasure, experience the game in the "win" feeling, this is where the fun is the competition The Quality. Swimwear designers through the contest, the burning passion for sports from the mind and the Imagination, confusion between how to design the most wonderful feeling movement? How to pass the fun? The whole process is not only a Design Competition, is a cultural feast. Experience "The more Yue" the meaning and charm, is both thinking of each designer swimwear, sportswear brands in China is thinking, but also integration of the economic recovery of the world financial background, how the sportswear industry Planning the future direction of post-Olympic era thinking group.