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From experts to lead the Chinese mens trousers trousers

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If it is not accompanied by a joke, Tony Lin, really do not know where the king of men's animal husbandry in China, nine more fire. During the evening when he flashed his identity, right to wave and wave of toast was surrounded by those who surrounded the peer They say you never forget him: "If the king is not nine, animal husbandry, trousers, the Chinese people I did not wear pants." Peer-respected king of the nine, animal husbandry, not without reason! Recently, the China Chamber of Commerce and China National Commercial Information Centre, jointly released in 2009 retail business in China mainly focus on commodity sales statistics show that nine Rong Wang trousers, animal husbandry, similar products out the first comprehensive market share ", thus completing the" ten consecutive years. " The first time since 2000 the Chinese trousers after the first comprehensive market share, in the decade-long years, nine men's trousers, animal husbandry, the king of China experts, no one leader to shake, even more surprising is that nine Hugh Wang, animal husbandry, Leisure pants and trousers has now split the sales world, the Chinese empire is the most massive trousers surfaced. A pair of trousers, from design to finished product sampling, the starting point is the design chain. The annual International Fashion Week, whether in Paris, France, Italy, Milan, or Tokyo, New York, but those who are both fashion There will be some mysterious figure. They are the nine, animal husbandry, the king sent a research unit in charge of gathering the latest international fashion trends, to capture the most cutting-edge design. Nine men's trousers, animal husbandry, the version type from the king, the body size of various groups of data. The 2002 edition for the production of type, had organized groups in 2001 with 6 months, 20 provinces and cities across the country nearly 6,000 people in body size Measured. Then the king, animal husbandry, according to the nine points of sale sample survey of 80,000 consumer groups feel the analysis of actual wear, animal husbandry, according to the king more than nine years of sales data to determine 8000000 body curve. "China Men In fact, the whole body of people are changing every year, the most prominent feature is the increasing waist circumference, hip circumference, but generally little change. According to collected data, we made a lot of type in the version of original research, tailor Be made for the Chinese theme. "Nine, animal husbandry official said the king.